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Teradata in the Cloud

Teradata in the Cloud

Learn about Teradata in the Cloud Overview, Products, Benefits, Success Stories, Partners, Resources, and Contact.

Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud

Cloud deployment offers ease-of-use benefits including subscription pricing and the freedom to focus on business value rather than on infrastructure.

Pick from private cloud, our purpose-built managed environment, or the public cloud (Amazon Web Services or soon Microsoft Azure). Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy the same industry-leading software found in our on-premises data warehousing and advanced analytics solutions.


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Cloud Deployment Options


Teradata Database

  • Private Cloud – Deploy quickly and easily with low cost using your organization’s in-house virtualization environment.
  • Managed Cloud – We’ll set up and manage the infrastructure for you. Just bring your data and a DBA! See subscription pricing.
  • Public Cloud (AWS Marketplace) – Deploy quickly with AWS resources. Use the same software as in our on-premises systems.
  • Public Cloud (Azure Marketplace) – Combine Teradata software and Microsoft resources for powerful data warehousing. Coming soon!

Aster Analytics

  • Managed Cloud – We’ll set up and manage the infrastructure for you. Rapidly discover new insights in your data!
  • Public Cloud (AWS Marketplace): Deploy quickly with AWS resources. Perform self-service advanced analytics at scale.


  • Managed Cloud – We’ll set up and manage the infrastructure for you. Massively scalable for all data types. Ingest everything!


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Subscription-based Pricing

Cloud services eliminate the need to purchase expensive infrastructure. Subscription-based pricing provides greater cost control.

Launch in Days not Months

Traditional on-premises projects can take months to launch. Not so with cloud, which can literally cut months into days.

Enterprise-Ready for Production Workloads

Our cloud deployment options feature the same industry-leading Teradata Database and Aster Analytics software as our engineered on-premises systems.

Agility, Flexibility and Scalability

Fast provisioning, elastic computing power, and massively scalable data storage provide a superior level of convenience.

Speed, Stability and Security

Cloud technology has advanced to address the sophisticated performance and security needs of enterprise customers.


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Success Stories


Many companies have made Teradata their choice for enterprise data warehousing and enterprise analytics in the cloud. Here are a few; click on the logos and the links below to learn more. 

success bevmosuccess sgnsuccess premise healthsuccess core digitalsuccess netflix  


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The large, powerful partner network Teradata wields for on-premises systems has expanded to include cloud-based services. Click on the logos to learn more details.

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success tableausuccess fuzzy logixsuccess protegritysuccess informatica

Cloud Ecosystem Partners


Managed Cloud FAQs

Get answers to the most popular questions about our managed cloud offerings.

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What the Analysts are Saying

Learn the five components for success with analytics in the cloud.

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Why Cloud?

Read why business leaders should consider cloud solutions.

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Managed Cloud Security

Learn how we protect your crown jewels. Hint: it’s more than just firewalls.

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Managed Cloud Pricing

Flexible, flat-rate subscriptions. No hidden charges, no commitment needed.

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Talk to Teradata

Learn how to leverage all your data, from all your data sources and make multiple systems act like one.