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About Us

If you think only “hardware” or “data warehouse” when you think of Teradata, it’s time to think again.

Teradata delivers better business outcomes through technology-enabled solutions in the areas that matter most – from operational excellence and asset optimization, to customer experience and product innovation, to finance transformation and risk mitigation.

We work with leading businesses in over 75 countries worldwide. Our clients include many of the top performers and best-known brands in telecom, transportation, consumer packaged goods, financial services and manufacturing.

We focus on turning the most complex and challenging data sets into high-value assets that produce high-impact insights and tangible value for the business.

Our specific solutions and services include:

More than 50% of our team are consultants – data strategists and data scientists, technologists, innovators and experts in all types of analytics. We engage directly with business and IT leaders to solve urgent real-world problems and seize compelling strategic opportunities.

We combine proven analytics expertise, specialized business consulting, and scalable, high-performance, analytics ecosystems. That’s why our agile analytical ecosystems solutions are market-leading and award-winning.

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Success stories

Success stories


We can tell you all about what we do, but we thought you’d like to hear what our customers and industry experts have to say.

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Teradata by the numbers

  • 35+

    years of innovation and leadership
  • ~1,400

    customers in


  • ~10,000

    employees in


  • 100,000+

    employee volunteer hours
  • 100+

    technology partners
  • $2.5B

    in revenue in 2015

We are defined by who we work with:


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