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Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery

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This exam will certify that candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to be a technical authority for designing, implementing, and managing a Teradata enterprise-wide data warehouse. This individual can provide recommendations on all aspects of the data warehouse lifecycle from conceptualization through production implementation and ongoing management and support.

The Comprehensive Mastery exam is a unique exam in the Teradata Certification Track. Candidates taking this exam will be given a scenario to read and analyze. They will then be presented questions requiring that the candidate understand and apply knowledge from that scenario to answer the questions.


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Minimum of five plus years broad-based, diverse hands-on experience with the Teradata Database, platforms, tools and utilities is recommended.


Successful completion of this exam will earn you a Teradata 14 Certified Master Certification with a digital badge.


Successful completion of the Teradata 14 Basics Exam (TE0-141), plus  Teradata 14 SQL Exam (TEO-142), plus Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-143), plus Teradata 14 Database Administration (TE0-144), plus Teradata 14 Solutions Development (TE0-145), and Teradata 14 Enterprise Architecture (TE0-146) are prerequisites for this exam OR if a candidate holds a Teradata 12 Certified Master Credential, they can upgrade from Teradata 12. 
The Comprehensive Mastery exam (TE0-147) is a restricted access exam requiring an eligibility voucher that must be provided during the registration process. Candidates eligible for this exam will automatically receive an email notification from the Teradata Certification Tracking System. This email provides information and instructions about retrieving an eligibility voucher from the Teradata Certification Tracking System prior to scheduling exam TE0-147. To check your eligibility, log in to the Teradata Certification Tracking System.


This exam is 3 hours and 20 minutes in length.


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For more details regarding specific exam objectives, download this PDF.


Utilize system and workload level events in TASM. Define, set up and apply workloads, exception rules, throttles, and SLES 11 Priority Scheduler. Evaluate workload behavior and utilization in SLES 11. Identify and solve AWT exhaustion problems. Control utility session usage across multiple application areas. Evaluate and implement workload management on the appliance on the SLES 11 platform.


Use statistics collection effectively and appropriately. Use DBQL to identify performance optimization opportunities. Identify when to use and how to implement indexes (PI, SI, JI, AJI, PPI, etc.). Evaluate query performance and implement performance optimizations.


Identify when to use and how to implement columnar. Identify when to use and how to implement partitioning (PPI and MLPPI). Identify when to use Temporal.


Estimate resource requirements for an application. Evaluate the usage and effects and the monitoring of compression. Evaluate the usage, effects and the monitoring of system capacity.


Utilize and optimize data load strategies within and across multiple applications. Identify areas for data integrity improvements. Identify methods to improve single-system availability. Determine methods and processes to route queries and synchronize data in a multi-system environment.


The Teradata Certified Professional Program partners with the Teradata Education Network to provide Teradata courseware and curriculum that specifically relates to each certification level. You can view course descriptions and schedules, and enroll online. Several courses are offered as web-based training (WBT) courseware for your convenience.
Introduction to the Teradata Database
Teradata SQL
Teradata Advanced SQL
Physical Database Design
Physical Database Tuning
Teradata Application Utilities
Teradata Parallel Transporter
Teradata Warehouse Administration
Teradata Warehouse Management
Teradata Application Design and Development


The Teradata sample questions are designed to give you an example of the format and types of questions on the actual Teradata Certification exams. The sample questions are not intended to duplicate items on the actual exams. Questions are rotated and will be slightly different each time.  

The sample questions are offered on-line free of charge and are not “scored” or tracked. Practice at your own pace and as often as you want. Please note since this exam is comprehensive all underlying exam sample questions can be used.  
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Documentation: Search and access Teradata installation, programming, operations and service guides, and reference manuals.
Software Downloads: are available through Teradata Developers Exchange to help you prepare through hands on application.

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