An Integrated Enterprise Data Lake Platform Apache products — Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, NiFi — that scale, process, and manage immense data volumes are popular solutions within a data lake because they're so effective at individual data ingest and management tasks. However, highly skilled workers must tie these components together to create a true ingest and management solution. Kylo enables easy configuration and monitoring of data pipelines in and through the data lake for constant access and enhanced data profiling and discovery with extensible metadata.
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Self-service data ingest with data cleansing, validation, and automatic profiling.


Wrangle data with Visual SQL and an interactive transformation through a simple user interface.


Search and explore data and metadata, view lineage, and profile statistics.


Monitor health of feeds and services in the data lake. Track SLAs and troubleshoot performance.


Design batch or streaming pipeline templates in Apache NiFi and register with Kylo to enable user self-service.


Regardless of the environment—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Teradata Cloud, or On-Premises in your own data center—IntelliCloud delivers the most performant analytics software for always-on analytics in the cloud. Why settle for less? 


Security is our number one priority with IntelliCloud. We offer peace of mind with enterprise-class security designed for GDPR and we’ve invested in third-party audits to demonstrate compliance with the ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2, PCI, and HIPAA standards. 


We contractually guarantee the availability of your analytics platform with IntelliCloud. Our Service Level Agreement for up to 99.9% uptime translates into more productivity and higher satisfaction from your data scientists and business users.


We handle infrastructure-level tasks for you— software patches, version upgrades, user administration, performance reporting, and support ticket resolution—so you can focus on managing your business.

What is Kylo?

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