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Why VantageCloud for data warehouses

Accelerate innovation with a powerful data warehouse

With Teradata VantageCloud, businesses can deploy a data warehouse at an enterprise level that offers flexibility, performance, and analytics to a wide range of users.

VantageCloud Enterprise and Lake Edition
How data warehouses work with VantageCloud

Gain flexibility, cost savings, and scale in the cloud

A data warehouse is an evolving resource that supports key business processes for reporting, business intelligence, and more. Here are the common characteristics of a data warehouse:

  1. 1
    Subject oriented

    People can access data via topics tied to business units and processes that they work with daily.

  2. 2
    Consistent data

    Data formats and values are standardized, complete, and accurate. Data must have integrity.

  3. 3
    Updated in real time

    Changes are tracked over time to create an effective corporate memory of the enterprise.

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