Migration Services

Smooth your Transition to the Most Powerful & Scalable Platform Available.

Industry leaders worldwide have migrated to Teradata from IBM DB2, Netezza, Microsoft SQLServer and Oracle - now it's your turn

Meeting your business needs

Make Better Decisions with More Powerful Analytics


Combine Teradata experience with the world’s most powerful analytic platform and you can integrate your data in a centralized location for a 360-degree view of your business. You’ll also:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Simplify your architecture
  • Cut overall load times
  • Increase query concurrency
  • Increase ad hoc query performance
Western Digital Case Study


Multi-Phase Approach for Smoother Migration


We can help you eliminate bottlenecks and bring everyone on board gradually with a proven multi-phased approach to migration:

-Phase I: Inventory and Baseline
-Phase II: Analyze, Select and Prioritize Data
-Phase III: Business Impact Modeling
-Phase IV: Finding and Recommendations


Reduce Number of Data Marts for Better Performance

Migrating to Teradata allows you to bring together disparate data marts and silos to make more data avaailable to more people in your organization. The result: More actionable insight for faster, better decisions across the enterprise. Whether you're moving from Microsoft, Oracle or anything in between, we can help.

Oracle Migration

Many Oracle customers try to leverage the Oracle DBMS for OLTP, and then discover that they can't retrofit the platform for effective data warehousing in today's evolving analytical environment. Migrating to Teradata brings you powerful in-database analytics that can help you stay competitive. Paypal - Podcast
Oracle toTeradata Case Study

IBM/DB2/Netezza Migration

In head-to-head comparisons of data warehouse appliances, Teradata has been shown to be better equipped to meet data warehousing goals. Teradata's integrated data warehouse environment wins every time.  Teradata/IBM Partnership

Data Mart Consolidation

Are you being asked to do more with less these days? Consolidating your data marts brings together disparate analytical databases into one central location for easy management. It integrates not only the data, but the applications as well. Teradata Data Mart Consolidation

Data Model Integration

Increase the business value of your data by reducing the cost, time and effort required to build your next application when you integrate data into a single logical data model. It's a great way to optimize processes and increase efficiencies. Teradata Customer Data Integration


"We could give a complete analysis within a day to our senior management, who appreciated that we could respond to their business query so quickly with answers and with various possibilities."

Sathish Gaddipati, Director of Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence, IHG

Architect and Implement

Strategically designing and leveraging data for your company, Teradata Professional Services and Consultants architect the right solution and implement it to meet your needs. Find out how Teradata Professional Services helped customers Navistar, ProSugar, HMS, and American Eagles Outfitters add new capabilities and business value.