Decoding Hadoop: Migrating from Hadoop to a Modern Cloud Architecture Using a Fact-Based Discovery Process

Organizations have invested heavily over the past decade on Hadoop-based platforms. However they are now at a critical juncture point where they are faced with continuing to build out on a platform that fails to meet their needs or make the switch to a modern cloud architecture. Many organizations face the challenge of not knowing how exactly to modernize the platform. Do we migrate only the data that is used and delivering value and archive the data that isn't?

Join Ben Davis and Remi Turpaud from Teradata in this fireside chat and find out how Teradata approaches this modernization challenge:

- Should migration projects take a "lift and shift" approach, or not? Why not?
- What are some typical findings once organizations take due diligence and analyse their Hadoop production environments thoroughly?
- How can organizations reduce risk of such complex migrations?
- How does the data architecture change in the process of migration?
- How Teradata's decoded solution approach these challenges with fact-based discovery and assessment, and what are some success stories?

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