Managed Services

Production support, operations, sustainment & lifecycle development

Teradata Managed Services offers skilled resources for the entire Analytical Eco-system including Teradata iDW, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, open-source Hadoop, BI, data integration and analytic applications.

Meeting your business needs

Gain access to the best Teradata personnel

Our consultants focus on just one thing: keeping your entire analytics environment managed, maintained and productive. Who knows your systems better than Teradata? Learn More

Improve efficiencies with better data warehouse processes

Managed Services teams are highly trained in advanced tools and process improvements. They bring expertise from over 200 engagements worldwide to bear on addressing the unique challenges your business faces every day and improving your system efficiency. Read More

Lower IT costs with expert operations management

Best practices and processes culled from more than 200 Teradata Managed Services global engagements means you'll get better performance from your Unified Data Architecture. Datasheet

Production Operations Support

Get expert management for your data integration, data warehouse, discovery, Hadoop and BI environments from a single source. Our Managed Services Teams go beyond monitoring day-to-day analytics operations to help you improve processes for greater productivity and efficiency.

Application Development and Sustainment

Now you can get the specific expertise you need for a particular project. Your Managed Services Team is drawn from our pool of specialized experts - including developers, DBAs, application support consultants, solution architects, data modelers and more. Learn More