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IntelliCloud (Application Ecosystem)

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Teradata IntelliCloud is a managed, secure, scalable solution that provides best-in-class data warehousing and analytics on a subscription basis. Customers can focus on deriving business value rather than managing infrastructure – while enjoying flexible pricing options that fit within the budget.

To get even more value from your Teradata IntelliCloud subscription, consider adding any of the following ecosystem software applications to your subscription:

  • Teradata ecosystem apps – AppCenter and QueryGrid (licensed separately)
  • Customer-provided apps – Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Integration (DI) applications hosted in the IntelliCloud environment
  • Partner tools – from Fuzzy Logix and Protegrity (licensed separately)


Teradata Ecosystem Apps

The following Teradata ecosystem software is available (sold separately) within Teradata IntelliCloud.

Teradata AppCenter 1.x

Teradata AppCenter is a self-service execution platform that provides data scientists, business analysts, and SQL users with a web-based interface for building and running analytic solutions as apps. These apps can query data (using SQL or BTEQ) from a Teradata system and visualize the results through interactive charts and graphs.

As a self-service environment, Teradata AppCenter enables the easy creation and reuse of analytics. With numerous prebuilt features, AppCenter allows data scientists and developers to build, share, and deploy analytics; non-technical users can run apps, visually study results, and share insights.

Teradata QueryGrid 2.x

Teradata QueryGrid delivers data access, processing and movement across systems in heterogeneous analytical environments. It provides a means to connect to a remote system and retrieve or insert data using SQL. This enables access to multiple data sources for the SQL user, without replicating data in the warehouse.

Teradata QueryGrid enables specialized processing engines, including those in the Teradata Unified Architecture, to act as one solution from the user’s perspective. It is core enabling software that is engineered to tightly link with these processing engines to provide access to data and processing. This family of connectors delivers bi-directional data movement and push-down processing across the connected systems.


Customer-Provided BI / DI Apps

IntelliCloud enables customers to create a best fit architecture to run Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Integration (DI) workloads where they perform best while maintaining security and performance between the applications and the database platforms.

With IntelliCloud (Application Ecosystem), customers can deploy their BI/DI applications co-located with their database in the cloud. Customers can choose between 8 different instance types most appropriate for their BI/DI application resource needs and easily change their instance type later as application needs change.

The environment for customer ecosystem applications employs a shared responsibility model. Teradata is responsible for providing infrastructure management, backup and restore through snapshots, and network connectivity, while customers are responsible for managing and maintaining their BI/DI application environment while ensuring their operating system (OS) and BI/DI application license compliance.


Partner Tools

Analytics Software from Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix is an analytics software and professional services company that provides a new generation of in-database analytic solutions which help companies make smarter decisions and improve effectiveness and performance. Fuzzy Logix cloud solutions are easy to use and deploy and run very fast (10X to 100X faster than other analytic products). Many companies use DB Lytix™, the in-database library, to put analytics in the hands of decision makers; the solutions are used by financial, healthcare, insurance, marketing services, and retail companies.

To run Fuzzy Logix solutions, one simply writes SQL statements – therefore analytics can be embedded into all reporting tools. DB Lytix installs in less than 30 minutes and Fuzzy Logix offers structured trials to demonstrate its value.


Enterprise Security from Protegrity


Protegrity, the developer of groundbreaking enterprise data security software, provides high performance, infinitely scalable end-to-end cloud data security solutions for organizations worldwide. Protegrity Data Security Platform for Teradata helps Teradata customers secure all of their sensitive cloud data, enterprise-wide, and ensures compliance with all PCI, PHI and Privacy regulations.

Protegrity is the premier cloud data security partner for Teradata, with platform-independent solutions for both Teradata Database and Aster Analytics, designed to protect information everywhere in today's highly distributed, complex data environments.

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