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IntelliCloud (Teradata Database)

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The Most Powerful Data Warehouse — As a Service

Teradata IntelliCloud™ is the newest generation of our secure managed cloud offering.

IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) is a subscription service that enables you to focus on data warehousing and analytic workloads and rely on Teradata for the setup, management, maintenance, and support of the software and infrastructure – either in our data centers or in the public cloud.

IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) services include:

  • Teradata Database with flexible monthly, 1-year, and 3-year pricing options
  • High-performance infrastructure managed by Teradata delivered as a cloud service on your choice of Teradata IntelliFlex, Teradata IntelliBase, AWS resources, or Azure resources
  • Self-service management console
  • 99.9% service availability for IntelliFlex or IntelliBase infrastructure in our data centers
  • Secure and compliant environment audited for ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA 
  • Comprehensive infrastructure services:
    • Onboarding assistance
    • Provisioning assistance
    • System monitoring
    • System maintenance
    • Patch management
    • Software upgrades
    • Encryption of data in motion and at rest
    • Choice of daily, weekly, or monthly offsite backups


use cases

Use Cases

By using the same industry-leading software in which Teradata Database customers have already invested for their on-premises systems, IntelliCloud™ (Teradata Database) delivers 100% software consistency which enables increased business agility.

With IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) you can focus on business value and service utilization rather than managing software and infrastructure – while enjoying flexible pricing that fits within the budget. Customers can use the service for:

  • Production Data Warehousing
  • Test and Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Data Mart / Data Lab
  • Cloud Bursting

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Subscription Pricing

Flexible flat rate subscription pricing provides predictable and manageable costs aligned with your operational budget.

Launch in Minutes, not Months

Start driving smart business decisions right away with award-winning Teradata Database software in our secure service environment.

Comprehensive Services

Software and infrastructure services include onboarding assistance, system monitoring, patch management, software upgrades, and more.

Security, Performance, Convenience

Enjoy enterprise-class security, a wide range of performance options, and integrated ecosystem applications.



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IntelliCloud™ (Teradata Database) is a comprehensive offering in which we provide Teradata Database software as a service (SaaS). It includes:

IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) Service Features
Secure Environment – implemented to ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA
Software Subscription – Teradata Database 15.10 (all) or Teradata Database 16.10 (Azure)
Ecosystem Software – Viewpoint, Teradata Tools and Utilities, and optionally AppCenter 1.0, QueryGrid 2.0, DCM, and more
Platform Infrastructure – choice of IntelliFlex or IntelliBase in our data centers, or AWS or Azure public cloud resources
Network Connectivity – 100 Mbps standard; 1Gbps and 10Gbps available
Onboarding Services – system provisioning assistance and validation
System Administration and Monitoring – by Teradata Cloud Operations
System Maintenance – patch management and software upgrades
Encryption – data in transit and data at rest
Backups – choice of daily, weekly, or monthly offsite replication for Teradata Database
Cloud Service Portal – incident, change, and request creation
Self Service Management Console – monitor utilization, modify parameters, submit scale up/down and support requests
Service Availability Guarantee – 24 x 7 x 365 with 99.9% SLA for IntelliFlex or IntelliBase infrastructure in our data centers

Teradata Database tiers available on IntelliCloud

  Teradata Database
  Base Advanced Enterprise
Public Cloud Infrastructure
AWS EC2 instances m4.4xl, m4.10xl, m4.16xl m4.4xl, m4.10xl, m4.16xl
Azure Virtual Machines DS14_v2, DS15_v2 DS14_v2, DS15_v2
Teradata Infrastructure Types
Instance Type IBX IBX IFX.Sm, IFX.Med
At-Rest Disk Encryption Included Included Included
Load Server (100GB storage included) Included Included Included
Concurrent Query Limit 15 None None
Node Limit 32 (IBX) 64 (public), 32 (IBX) 64 (public)
Customer Support
Support Offered Premier Premier Premier
Server Management Included Included Included
Teradata Database Features
Adaptive Optimization IPE IPE Enhanced IPE
Row Level Security Included Included Included
Secure Zones Included Included Included
Teradata Columnar Included Included Included
Teradata Temporal Included Included Included
Teradata Intelligent Memory Not offered Included Included
Teradata In-Memory Optimization Not offered Not offered Included w/ IFX
Workload Management Not offered TIWM TASM
Ecosystem Applications
Data Stream Controller Full backups included Full backups included Full backups included
Ecosystem Manager Included Included Included
REST Services Included Included Included
Teradata Tools and Utilities Included Included Included
Viewpoint (Multiple Systems) Included Included Included
Value-Add Options
AppCenter Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately
Data Lab (Unavailable in public w/ VP Multi) Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately
Data Mover Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately
Enhanced Load Server Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately
QueryGrid Sold separately Sold separately Sold separately


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Tech Specs


Deployment Choice

IntelliCloud™ services are delivered with multiple deployment options; infrastructure is dedicated and there is no sharing of compute or storage resources between customers. IntelliCloud on IntelliFlex / IntelliBase is currently available from Teradata data centers in the United States. IntelliCloud on AWS is available from AWS regions US West, US East, Canada, Ireland, London, and Frankfurt with additional expansion to follow. IntelliCloud on Azure is available from all commercial Azure regions in the United States (not including US DoD and US Gov) with additional expansion to follow.

Secure Connection

Customers can choose from several methods for connecting to IntelliCloud. A site-to-site VPN (Virtual Private Network) from your data center to ours is standard when using IntelliFlex or an appliance, while an internet connection is standard when using AWS infrastructure. The site-to-site VPN uses a 100Mbps IPsec connection to keep data transmissions secure. If greater bandwidth or a dedicated network port is required, Teradata offers 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps direct connections for an additional fee.

Offsite Replication

Customers can choose to have their data in IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) backed up daily, weekly, or monthly. Backups are retained for two days at the primary data center and are automatically replicated to a remote data center within the same country.

Hybrid Row and Columnar

Teradata Columnar is included with IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) service. Teradata Columnar is a hybrid row and column database that fully integrates columnar and row-based tables, establishing new levels of flexibility, performance, and compression and strengthening your data warehouse and analytics capabilities.

Data Lab (Optional)

Teradata Data Lab is an optional dedicated workspace (sandbox) within a production data warehouse where users have the freedom to explore, analyze new data, and test theories. Data labs enable self-service business intelligence and analytics by simplifying provisioning and automating the management of the analytic workspace so there is no risk to production data or to warehouse performance.

QueryGrid (Optional)

IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) can be enhanced with Teradata QueryGrid, an optional powerful feature that lets your business work with a seamless data fabric across all of your data and analytical engines. Users get the most value out of all their data by taking advantage of specialized processing resources operating as a cohesive analytic environment.




Comprehensive infrastructure and software support is provided by the cloud experts on the Teradata Cloud Operations team. This group also performs activities such as provisioning, onboarding, and software patching while continually monitoring and administering the environment. The Cloud Operations team does not have visibility or access to customers’ data – and customer data is never transferred across country borders.


Flexible, flat-rate subscriptions. No hidden charges, no long term commitment needed.


Review the answers to frequently asked questions.


Security is the most important consideration for IntelliCloud; read the latest on 3rd party audits for security and compliance.

App Ecosystem

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