3 Tools for More Productive Data Engineering

New integrations and features boost data engineering efficiency with Airbyte Cloud, Apache Airflow, and dbt.

Adam Tworkiewicz
Adam Tworkiewicz
April 30, 2024 2 min read
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As a data engineer working with Teradata, you’re used to managing large volumes of data. Managing your extract, load, and transform (ELT) pipelines is now easier with new features and integrations from Teradata. Let’s look at these exciting ways to increase your productivity.

You can now bring more data to Teradata Vantage™ without a need to build your own data movement infrastructure: Vantage is now a destination in Airbyte Cloud. Airbyte Cloud is a hosted solution that allows you to copy data from 300+ sources to Vantage (both on-premises Teradata VantageCore and cloud-based Teradata VantageCloud deployments are supported). It’s an excellent option to bring data from many SaaS applications, combine it into data products using dbt (data build tool), and leverage the power of ClearScape Analytics™ to analyze it.

We’ve also added support for dbt data contracts with the dbt-teradata 1.7.1 release. dbt is a data transformation tool that enables data to be transformed where it lives—in the data lake and warehouse.

Just like interfaces in programming languages, data contracts allow you to define how your data products are seen by other teams. You can evolve your dataset and honor the same data contract to ensure that downstream teams aren’t affected by your changes.

Finally, we recently released an Apache Airflow™ adapter for Vantage. Airflow is the go-to tool for automating data workflows. With Airflow, you can automate repetitive tasks and use the time you save on things that are important to your customers.

Learn more about these new features and integrations:

That’s it, folks! I look forward to hearing how you intend to use these new features and integrations. Connect with me on LinkedIn.


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