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Transform retail experiences with AI-driven data solutions

Unlock new levels of visibility and efficiency to create more convenient experiences—from pricing and promotions to delivery.

Use cases

Deeper insights. Happier customers.

Optimize product stock, pricing, and promotions to sync your in-store and online customer experiences.

Leverage data from myriad sources to better forecast demand, enhance ESG initiatives, increase real-time flexibility, and drive automation.

Connect all content and omni-channel marketing initiatives to reach each customer at the right place and time.

Integrate financial systems and insights, model multidimensional profitability and risk, and minimize shrinkage, fraud, and loss.

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Why Teradata

Delivering harmonized data and trusted AI/ML for all

Elevate customer experiences and drive profitable growth with Teradata VantageCloud. Our complete cloud analytics and data platform enables your team to implement a modern data strategy that can truly unify your retail or CPG operation across physical and e-commerce channels.

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