Cloud modernization delivers a seamless customer experience

  • 8M mobile subscribers
  • 96% 4G LTE coverage
  • 335K O2-TV subscribers

A leading European telecom provider harmonizes data in the cloud to quickly unlock valuable insights for more meaningful customer experiences.

O2 Czech Republic is the largest provider of mobile telecom, internet and data, and digital television in the Czech Republic. Its goal is to offer best-in-class technology and telecommunication services to its customers, from small households to major corporations


Customer analytics differentiate O2 Czech Republic in a crowded market

Consumers have many provider options, and they expect service that can anticipate their needs, support constant uptime, and provide access to the latest, fastest technology. O2 Czech Republic must continuously adapt by leveraging new products and services and unrivaled customer service.

Meeting these complex challenges necessitates a deep understanding of customer behavior to quickly identify trends that inform personalized offers and promotions in real time and facilitate high-quality customer experiences across digital, retail, and call center channels.

“We collect digital customer interaction data so we can react immediately and enhance how we communicate with the customer based on browsing behavior,” says Švec. “These real-time interactions give us very important customer insights, such as when a customer may be likely to churn.”

Machine learning (ML) also serves an important role. “ML algorithms assess customer behavior and deliver recommendations based on what the model predicts the customer will want or do next,” Švec explains.

Czech Republic

Best-in-class customer experiences require a modern cloud analytics and data platform

To attract and retain customers, the company recognized the need to further modernize its Teradata-based platform for faster consumer behavior analysis and optimized interactions. When O2 Czech Republic’s chief information officer adopted a cloud-first strategy, the opportunity came.

To capitalize on a broader ecosystem of native cloud services, O2 Czech Republic decided to migrate from on prem to Teradata VantageCloud on Microsoft Azure.

In evaluating cloud vendors, O2 Czech Republic reviewed key Gartner and other industry analyst evaluations. “We wanted a best-of-breed solution without vendor lock-in for our data and analytics,” Švec says.

The company selected Azure as its preferred cloud service provider for its application stack, use cases, and market presence in the Czech Republic.

Next, O2 Czech Republic embarked on its cloud migration, migrating more than 50 terabytes of data over a three-day holiday.

“At first, when people came back to work, they didn't realize that such a huge change had happened—that we had data on completely different platforms,” Švec says. “But they knew that something had happened, because the platform was about four times faster.”

The migration allowed the company to optimize platform performance and realize cost efficiencies through deployment of cloud-native features:

  • Connecting Teradata Vantage to Azure Blob Storage using Teradata’s native-object store integration
  • Using Azure Data Factory to enhance ingestion of real-time customer interaction data
  • Archiving older data using more affordable storage, providing cost savings
  • Empowering data teams with better access to customer analytics, leading to more customer-driven decision-making

For Švec, the move to Teradata VantageCloud and Azure is all about elevating the customer experience. “This is focused on customer satisfaction,” he says. “That includes providing the best offers and support we can for each individual customer.”

With the successful cloud migration, customer value management and customer relationship management teams are now leveraging Teradata ClearScape Analytics™ to perform exploratory analytics use cases, connecting Teradata Vantage with data lakes in Azure.


The business value

In a recent exercise to understand business value return, O2 Czech Republic and Teradata identified 1.6B Kč ($70M USD) of revenue tied to customer experience efforts driven by analytics performed with Teradata. Significant improvements occurred in the areas of churn, cross-sell, and upsell. The company has reduced contract churn from 1.8% to 0.9% over the last decade—the lowest churn rate of all mobile operators in the Czech Republic.

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