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Unlocking Cloud and Generative AI Innovation with Teradata and Microsoft

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are set to fundamentally transform every industry, opening a world of possibilities for businesses to make new breakthroughs that improve performance and delight customers. But first, enterprises must be able to manage exponential volumes of data and seemingly unlimited sources of it. 

Learn how your organizations can address this challenge and take advantage of innovative cloud technology to cost-effectively manage massive amounts of data and deploy new AI/ML use cases. 

Ebook on driving breakthrough innovation with the latest generative artificial intelligence technologies

Harnessing the possibilities of generative AI

Discover how enterprises like yours can drive breakthrough innovation with the latest AI technologies.

In this ebook, you’ll find concrete examples of how businesses can use gen AI to drive real-world results, as well as the technology required to get the most value from gen AI projects.

Take advantage of the market-leading expertise, scale, and technology of Teradata and Microsoft

See how YOU can:

  • Accelerate your business
  • Experience faster access to better analytics
  • Deploy analytics at scale

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Teradata VantageCloud

What’s new on VantageCloud Lake

Discover how you can unlock data, activate analytics and accelerate value with the industry’s most complete cloud analytics and data platform.

Delivering on the promise of AI/ML

Delivering on the promise of AI/ML

Learn how you can deliver breakthrough performance with machine learning analytics and deliver value from start to scale.

Deploying analytics at scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Azure Machine Learning

Deploying analytics at scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Azure Machine Learning

Learn how Teradata and Microsoft can help you unlock AI/ML to drive growth, improve performance, and build better customer experiences.