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Analytics at the Speed of Your Business

Do More With The SAS® Tools You Already Have!

That’s the premise behind Teradata’s Optimization Services for SAS Analytics. To streamline your use of analytics and make it possible for companies of all sizes to build, test and score more models, more quickly.  Through our strategic partnership with SAS, Teradata has developed proven strategies for enabling users to leverage the power of the combined solution to be more efficient and effective. We do this by:

  • Support SAS Viya and SAS 9.x technologies with a single source of data for both systems.
  • Enabling the existing in-Database functions with Base SAS® and other tools
  • Providing users direct access to all the data they need, securely
  • Eliminating time consuming data movement
  • Sharing best practices for optimizing SAS performance

Helping make this a reality is the team of analytics experts in our joint SAS and Teradata Center of Excellence. Their mission is to help you optimize your current SAS tools, educate users on best practices and walk you through the steps necessary to achieve these amazing results. All of this delivered in short, in-person, low-pressure sessions typically lasting between one to three days (depending on your needs). For more information, email


Proven Results


  • Improved end-to-end model performance from 130 hours to 5 hours
  • Reduced data redundancy and saved 10+ Terabytes of space
  • Increased data governance by avoiding data movement
  • Enhanced analyst productivity by shifting from tactical to strategic work


  • Enabled processing of more than 30 petabytes every day
  • Reduced analytic processing time by a factor of 4
  • Enabled Users can upload their own data to “sandboxes” without IT

An Australian Retail Bank

  • Check fraud detection improved by 95%.
  • Fraud alerts increased by 60%.
  • Internet fraud loss-to-turnover ratios improved by 80%.
  • No additional staff was needed to mine or manage threats

A Major US Retailer

  • Automated the publishing of 100+ models nightly to target 10 million households
  • Resolved analytic professional shortages by allowing users to be more productive and engaged, thereby reducing attrition

SAS & Teradata Partnership

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