Data Mart Consolidation

Integrate Your Data into a Single Data Warehouse

Consolidating disparate data marts yields significant cost savings & information improvement 

Meeting your business needs

Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs by Consolidating Data Marts

IT and data warehousing groups are constantly asked to do a lot more with drastically reduced budgets. To address the dilemma of doing more with less, data mart consolidation is paramount for success.  Teradata offers a sophisticated and proven business impact model to help customers accurately quantify their savings. Brochure
Make better business decisions & save money with data mart consolidation

Immediate Access to Consistent Data from a Single Repository

Consistent data across your enterprise allows you to put information in the hands of those who can take immediate action; knowing that your users can make decisions on the same data.  It also allows you to support new business processes and requirements with minimal effort; building on the success of the work you've already completed. Don’t Duplicate, Consolidate
Data Mart Consolidation and BI – Whitepaper

Develop Powerful New Insights by Integrating Formerly Unrelated Data

Companies can make better informed decisions when they take into account all available, relevant information.  Integrating data from across different parts of your organization brings tremendous value in the form of cross-functional analysis. Business Value of Integrated Data
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Organizations can realize new value from existing data
Teradata’s Four-Phased Approach to Data Mart Consolidation -White Paper