Internet of Things

Sensor and IoT data demand scale, context, and complex analytics

The buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) disruption and transformation can certainly sound like hype. And for companies lacking a clear business case and specific plans for sensor data and device data, the IoT will be more talk than action. Because when devices are talking and won’t shut up, Big Data threatens to deluge IT and analytics groups. Businesses that design and integrate the right data architectures, establish robust data analytics platforms, and form the right teams will find that the IoT is not just the next big thing, but a necessity for staying competitive in the fast-moving marketplace.

True business value lies beyond sensors and devices

Learn how Teradata approaches the Analytics of Things by taking an intelligent approach to not only your devices but to real time data streams and web analytics.

The IoT refers to the enormous network of devices and physical objects ("things") that can connect to the Internet, recognize other devices and objects, and communicate with them. But without the scale to capture, manage, and see the data in context, sensor data reveals only a small fraction of its value. To ensure your data can be used for strategic decisions, we rely on our experience in four key areas:

Internet of Things (IoT)

More devices fitted with sensors generate increasing amounts of data

Analytics of Things (AoT)

Raw data streams require AoT analytics for context and insights

IoT Strategy

Our experts help you generate value from your IoT data

Industry Expertise

Corporate information increases usefulness of data for data scientists


IoT experience and expertise with complex analytics at scale.

Teradata helps some of the world's most successful companies make sense of some of the largest, fastest and most complex data sets. From delivering a robust strategy and architecture to data analytics and training, our experts can help you generate value from your data. According to Gartner, 80% of companies have unclear IoT goals, narrow use cases, and limited analytics scope. Teradata helps companies evolve from standalone or narrowly focused analytics projects to highly integrated, business-driven operations. Thanks to our experience with different applications, deep industry knowledge, and broad expertise with complex analytics at scale, we help companies derive sustainable value from investments.

Internet of Things Changing the Game with IoT

Vodafone Germany

Connecting people and machines to 5G and the IoT have the potential to create a better future. Vodafone Germany applies data analytics to plan, build, and optimize its 5G network to maximize IoT use-cases for their B2B customers.

The Internet of Things is transforming every major industry in the world because IoT applications and solutions offer fundamentally new insights into product design and manufacturing, engaging and serving consumers, and monitoring and managing operations. The Teradata difference can be found in our:

Our sole purpose is helping you use data and analytics to advance business objectives

Combines the best open-source technologies with the performance of data

Solutions with sophisticated and scalable analytics for your entire data inventory

Self-service for non-IT personnel quickly leads to low-cost, high-value insights

We build the platform and capabilities right for you, not everyone else

We identify data sets for jump-start, low-cost pilots that deliver demonstrable value


The analytics of success—at scale

Teradata specialists design solutions that produce sophisticated and scalable analytics for all your data, all the time. Separating business-critical information from the noise is the first step. That’s why we put the flood of data into low-cost data lakes. Then we send relevant sensor data to data warehouses where data scientists and analysts can identify trends and interpret the data using the Analytics of Things (AoT).  AoT is the “thinking” part of IoT, analytics that can be applied to IoT data so it becomes meaningful and actionable. That means AoT can help businesses gain a better understanding of the relationships between the digital and physical worlds, and many different types of complex systems that comprise the IoT.

We use our experience with IoT applications, deep industry knowledge, and broad expertise with complex analytics at scale to help companies evolve from standalone or narrowly focused analytics projects to sustainable, highly-integrated, business-driven operations. Our AoT experts drive initiatives that lead to cost savings, improvements in operational efficiency, and identification of new revenue streams by focusing on:

Strategies and analytic solutions based on business cases

Fast design and deployment of pilots and proof-of-concepts

An ecosystem for ongoing data integration, sharing, and analytics

Embracing the AoT to decipher enormous data volumes

Bridging the divide between operational technology and IT

Devising and driving change across your entire organization

Earning customer trust, enriching society with analytics and data

Integrating data with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™, STC monetizes data with a successful loyalty program building trust and adoption of more than 60 partner brands while enhancing the STC customer experience.


Insights and recommendations to put data to work for the business

Top companies are already finding relevant insights and deeply embedded value in their sensor data and putting it to work to drive innovation and performance gains. Learn about both current trends and the future of IoT, courtesy of some of the biggest, boldest thinkers in industry today. From retail and financial services to high-tech manufacturing and energy, leaders are leveraging effective applications, solutions, architectures and platforms for value today. Learn more about their success stories and share in their lessons learned.

The Internet of Things isn't just hype. We'll show you why.