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Industry data models serve as maps to an organization's information.  Whether you're traveling or designing a data warehouse, maps and models can help you navigate the environment and home in on the details that could influence or affect your journey.

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Technology today is converging from all sides, bringing you new challenges and opportunities daily with blending of voice, video, and data; digitization of content; DVR time-shift programming; and broadband distribution.

Differentiate your business and succeed with a deeper level of customer and channel understanding with Teradata Media & Entertainment Data Model (MEDM), the most extensible industry-specific data model available. Combined with our Teradata Communications Data Integration Roadmap our experience in the media and entertainment industry, this logical/physical data model provides a blueprint for designing an enterprise data warehouse that reflects your business model and helps you achieve your objectives.

Features & Benefits

The Teradata Media & Entertainment Data Model will help you integrate business intelligence (BI) with your day-to-day business decisions to:

  • Support for Teradata Industry Physical Data Model Standards
    • Best Candidate Primary Indexes
    • Configurable Audit Columns
    • Complete Naming Standard & Abbreviations
    • Separate Logical & Physical displays
    • Naming macros
    • Preconfigured option sets (hard, soft, and no RI)
    • Tool driven approach allows for customer enhancements
    • Includes a companion reference guide on physical data modeling components along with sample PDM techniques in ERwin
  • Tack Ads via any touch point using AD-ID structure
  • Support for analysis of viewing habits and patterns as well as user interactions with set-top box information from cable/satellite providers
  • Support for analysis of IP Rights usage information from IP Management Applications
  • Support for analysis of source and destination information with regards to online piracy
  • Support for analysis of online mobile activity
  • Support for analysis of activity relating to “Second Screen”
  • Support for analysis of measurement activities
  • Support for analysis of alert activities
  • Support for analysis of unstructured text

Primary Components

Teradata’s MEDM is a blueprint for designing an integrated database that reflects your business model and objectives; it has 118 subject areas, 1961 entities, and 8243 attributes that support analytics on industry data such as:

  • Advertisement Orders and Viewing
  • Subscriptions
  • Title Versions, Performance, Exploitation
  • Rights (In and Out)
  • Rights Contractual Obligations
  • Rights Financial Performance
  • Industry Externals
  • Forecasting and Model Scores
  • Assortment/Category Management
  • Inventory Management

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