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The Sentient Enterprise

The New Imperative in Business Decision Making

The Sentient Tool Kit Your Comprehensive Guide to Building a More Sentient Enterprise
The Vision

The New North Star to Survive and Compete in Today's Data-Driven Market

The core of The Sentient Enterprise methodology is this: big companies survive and compete in today's data-driven market in one way and one way only - by allowing analytical insights to drive their business agenda.

The Sentient Enterprise is not about the destination, but the North Star that is now guiding big business to make lucrative decisions from, and at the speed of, data.

What is it?
The core components

How to Disrupt an Entire Industry and Change the Very Identity of the World's Largest Companies

According to Mohan Sawhney and Oliver Ratzesberger, authors of the new book, The Sentient Enterprise: The Evolution of Business Decision Making, a rewarding Sentient Enterprise methodology must consist of these five fundamental qualities:

  • Proactive sensing of micro-trends signaling the next opportunity
  • Frictionless because it acts as a single organism without any impedance
  • Autonomous to make decisions in real time without much human intervention
  • Scalable to leverage unlimited data for making decisions
  • Evolving through intelligence that is native and emergent
The Authors

Two Perspectives,
Both at the Top of Their Fields

Oliver Ratzesberger


OLIVER RATZESBERGER is chief operating officer of Teradata Corporation. Prior to Teradata, he spent seven years at eBay where he led their data warehouse and big data platform programs. He also has deep experience with open source startups. Ratzesberger joined Teradata in early 2013 as leader of the Teradata Research & Development software teams. As head of Teradata R&D, he now oversees a global organization including more than 1,900 technologists around the world.

Mohan Sawhney


MOHAN SAWHNEY is the McCormick Foundation chair of technology, clinical professor of marketing and the director, Center for Research in Technology & Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor Sawhney is a globally recognized scholar, teacher, consultant, and speaker in innovation, strategic marketing and new media. His research and teaching currently focuses on modern marketing, organic growth and business innovation. Professor Sawhney advises and speaks to Global 2000 firms and governments worldwide and has written six management books as well as dozens of influential articles in leading academic journals and managerial publications.

The Book

Chart your Course to Success

Sawhney and Ratzesberger know those who want to take their company in the direction it needs to go to survive, lead, and disrupt can be (and are) the pioneers in this ever changing, data-intensive world. This book will inspire you by getting you to think about how The Sentient Enterprise can bring true and compelling competitive advantage and not just more ideas about data innovation. Success is possible if you embrace the journey towards fully leveraging analytics for your business – The Sentient Enterprise shows you how.

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