Gartner Report: CDOs and CFOs Must Join Forces in the Cloud to Connect Business Value With Cost

Gartner's report on CDOs and CFOs joining forces to balance business value with cloud analytics costs

Per Gartner, “the accelerating transition to public cloud exposes the granular cost of specific workloads for the first time. Data and analytics leaders must embrace FinOps and work with CFOs to modernize their budget processes to ensure optimal allocation of resources.”

Download this Gartner report to learn how:

  • “The move to cloud exposes the cost and ongoing variability of individual data processing workloads with greater transparency than ever before, leading to discoveries in budget allocation to needed demands.”
  • “The increased granularity and visibility of the cost of cloud workloads will result in greater accuracy in tracking spend against budgets. This will allow data and analytics leaders the opportunity to shape budgets with greater precision.”
  • “The iterative practice of FinOps will have broad implications on power structures and influence for CFOs, CDOs and CIOs as the business becomes more proficient in connecting cloud spend to specific business outcomes in near real time.”

Steps to introduce FinOps into a data and analytics organizaiton

We feel Teradata can help data analytics leaders understand actual cloud data analytics costs, what pricing works best for their business, and how to avoid surprises.

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Gartner, “CDOs and CFOs Must Join Forces in the Cloud to Connect Business Value With Cost”, by Adam Ronthal, Craig Lowery, March 3, 2021

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