Smarter and faster, with data analytics, translates to more answers and superior business intelligence. That’s why finding ways to work both smarter and faster drove Teradata Vantage™ development. The result? Vantage is the leading hybrid cloud data analytics software platform that leverages 100% of data to analyze anything, anywhere, at any time.

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The Vantage Difference

See all the data. Yes, all of it.

Data increases. The importance of the business analyst increases. Existing data analytics platforms are frustrating due to:


Lack of proper tools and supportive environment needed to achieve quality results


Organizations do not authorize or provide proper accessibility to the necessary tools


Data preparation is difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone


Need simplified technology to boost business outcomes

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Zeroing in on the hurdles facing organizations who rely on analytics for business intelligence drove the development of key Teradata Vantage capabilities:

Vantage Sees All

Get a unified, integrated environment that delivers the best analytic functions and engines, at scale

Complete Data Access

Work with flexible support for multiple data types, formats and heterogeneous data stores

User Choice Tools

Easily build and use analytics with your preferred tools and languages

Combined Analytic Technologies

Operationalize insights to solve complex problems while delivering speed and efficiencies

  • Simplicity. Scalability. Languages.

Power meets simplicity

Vantage simplifies analytic ecosystems by integrating data analytic functions and engines together, so users can focus on getting answers without concerns about where data resides or data access.

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Capable, Scalable, Accessible

Vantage offers support for multiple data types with effortless scalability through fully parallel operations, mission-critical availability, and complex query performance.

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Your tools, your way

Vantage works with a variety of languages and workbenches to ensure a personalized user experience.

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  • Power meets simplicity
  • Capable, Scalable, Accessible
  • Your tools, your way


Vantage provides the connective tissue for ecosystem simplification, takes risk out of decisions, and delivers massive scale and integration. But the most important feature of Vantage, the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence, is that it transforms the data a company has into the answers a company needs most. And the most successful business analysts know that makes all the difference.

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Teradata Vantage™: The Platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence

See how Teradata data analytics software helps businesses deliver real-time business intelligence to users and systems across an organization.

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