Looker is an inventive software company with a modern approach to unlocking the value of business data. Looker’s web-based business analytics platform powers the work of data analysts while fueling (and fulfilling) the business user’s curiosity—creating a discovery-driven culture throughout the customer’s organization. Looker was purpose-built to interact with the next generation of analytic databases, like Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, HP Vertica, Greenplum, Teradata Aster, and others. The company was founded by Lloyd Tabb, Principal Engineer at Netscape and former CTO of LiveOps. The company is based in Santa Cruz, CA. You can find more information at www.looker.com.


Benefits of Partnership

Looker was purpose-built to interact with the next generation of analytic databases like Teradata and Aster. Our unique approach dramatically simplifies the traditional approach to business intelligence, while exploiting the power of your analytics database investment. The Looker analytics platform offers business users a new way to explore complex sets of data. The LookML modeling layer creates a modern modeling environment to describe data and transform at query time rather than create complex ETL processes. Utilize all functions in the Teradata / Aster database as well. Lastly, we have a robust set of features to manage both performance and security in leveraging your underlying database for real-time insights.

Looker Analytics Platform

Looker opens up a new way to build a data-driven organization. With the Looker analytics platform, you can easily create models of your business data and customize data discovery applications, while exploiting the performance of your fast Teradata database. Our unique approach is vastly simpler than traditional BI tools, as business users are empowered to self-serve on high-resolution data.

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
4.0 TD 16.0
AD 6.20.01

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