BeyondTrust is the only provider of Privileged Access Lifecycle Management (PALM) solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. The BeyondTrust suite of products reduces the risks associated with insider sabotage and theft of proprietary data, while documenting accountability required by regulatory compliance.

PALM is a technology architecture framework consisting of four continual stages running under a centralized automated platform: access to privileged resources, control of privileged resources, monitoring of actions taken on privileged resources, and remediation to revert changes made on privileged IT resources to a known good state.


Benefits of Partnership

The BeyondTrust PALM framework provides best-of-breed security and compliance for strategic information stored in the Teradata MP-RAS, Windows and Linux environments. The partnership helps ensure joint customers that privileged IT users are effectively monitored and controlled while utilizing Teradata systems.


Enterprise-class Solution for Unix/Linux Access Control & Accountability

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
6.2.0 TD 15.00
TD 14.10
TD 14.00
6.1.0 TD 15.00
TD 14.10
TD 14.00
6.0.0 TD 15.00
TD 14.10
TD 14.00

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