Actionable insights for every single area of your business

The biggest B2B and B2C travel, transportation, and logistics operators in the world—air, rail, road, water—rely on Teradata to capture their data, organize it, and find the exploitable connections between their long-term corporate strategy, their data strategy, and daily business operations. In an industry forced to contend with consumer demand, brutal competition, and environmental conditions, an agile advanced analytics ecosystem is critical for:

  • Bridging the business’ operational and commercial needs with customer insights and research to the benefit of the entire organization
  • Developing and executing real-world, advanced mathematical models so solutions are ready when you need them
  • Using web analytics to create next-gen web distribution models that accommodate disparate demographics and shifting customer preferences
  • Developing data-driven pricing strategies and customer marketing programs that boost sales and revenue, increase customer loyalty, and reveal profit opportunities
  • Optimizing network and crew planning to derive maximum value from equipment and personnel without sacrificing safety
  • Applying predictive MRO to reduce planned and unplanned downtime, streamline procedures, and manage parts inventory
  • Anticipating non-routine events
  • Effectively integrating, warehousing, and analyzing existing SAP data (and other financial data) for a holistic view of, and actionable insights for, every phase of operations—from corporate planning to cargo and baggage management

Data, analytic, and technical expertise that will change the way you do business

Unlike other companies, Teradata delivers business-transforming insights directly into the hands of the right people at the right time. With untouchable technology and scale —a process measured in weeks not months—that proves ROI prior to major investment, and teams made up of travel and transportation veterans who are trusted by the best brands in the world. Our customers have confidence in:

  • Optimize Production and Back-End Processes—utilize analytically driven applications that monitor assets, increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness, strengthen production quality and expand profitability insights.
  • Expertise from our team of travel and transportation industry veterans.
  • The ability for Teradata products, solutions, and IP to work with their existing technology to remove internal silos and integrate all enterprise data, as well as develop business-changing analytics.
  • The enterprise scalability and extreme speed needed to handle your company’s ever-evolving use cases and data sources.

Unbeatable consulting talent, unmatched technology

Talk is easy. We don’t waste time talking. We roll up our sleeves and drive performance, attacking problems and delivering results for record-breaking business outcomes. We are the non-conformists who facilitate a faster test-and-learn cycle so you succeed faster. No matter where you are on your analytics and data journey, Teradata are right there with you.

Performance and power are the core of our technology

Analytic Applications
Use tried, tested, and successful Customer Journey, Finance Foundation, and Industrial Intelligence solutions that directly address business needs, strip out the complexity associated with hybrid environments, and turn previously invisible opportunities into actionable insights.

Real-Time Interaction Manager
Utilize a self-learning engine to power marketing, send the right messages and offers, and cross-sell and upsell in real-time. 

Customer Interaction Manager
Take an integrated, enterprise approach to planning, developing, and managing customer communications across multiple channels, product lines, and business locations.

Customer Satisfaction Index
Incorporate data and touchpoints used to generate a holistic Customer Satisfaction Index score.

Transportation & Logistics Data Model (TLDM)
The TLDM models the enterprise business data, data relationships, business rules governing these data relationships, and Transportation and Logistics industry-specific topic areas.

Proven success, in our industry and yours.