Build what's next: customized customer experiences.

Smarter retail. Happier shoppers.

Today’s shoppers demand more. More convenience. More selection. More customization. And your retail data analytics hold the key to delivering it all. When you treat data as your company’s greatest asset, you unlock new levels of visibility and efficiency across your retail environment, enabling you to optimize everything from the supply chain to pricing to promotions. Only Teradata gives you real-time insights into 100% of your retail data, 100% of the time. The result? Smoother operations, better margins, and – best of all – happier customers.

With modern data and analytics, performance is in the bag.

Localize category management
Optimize product stock, pricing, and promotions to ensure all in-store and online experiences are as relevant as possible for each customer.

Streamline your supply chain
Integrate data from myriad sources to better forecast demand, improve visibility, increase real-time flexibility, and drive automation.

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences
Connect all content and delivery channels to reach each individual customer at the right place and time.

Build solid financial foundations
Integrate financial systems and insights, model multidimensional profitability and risk, and minimize shrinkage, fraud, and loss.

How to build the retail business of the future.

Data is the key to retail transformation.

It’s time to transform retail data into your greatest asset — owned at the very top levels of your business.

Integrate your data. Orchestrate your business.

Use your retail data analytics in the right way, and your retail business becomes a self-perpetuating, demand-meeting machine.

Break down barriers and ingest all data at an individual customer level.

Integrate all functions and drive insights across the business.

Enable enterprise-wide access to data, continually optimizing processes and services.

Only Teradata delivers.

Multidimensional scale.

Unleash the true power of your data with Teradata Vantage, the only platform capable of scaling in every direction and handling the immense demands of today—and an accelerated future.

The modern approach to a hybrid multi-cloud reality.

One of the most powerful platforms in the industry is also the most flexible. Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that offers the same experience and real-time results across public-, hybrid-, or multi-cloud environments.

The expertise to make it happen.

We help some of the world’s best-known retail companies use data to optimize their operations, improve supply chains, and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Proven success, in our industry and yours.

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