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Teradata Consulting offers a broad range of services focusing on both business capabilities and data analytics ecosystems.

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Data Strategy

Business Value Roadmap  Delivers an evaluation-based roadmap complete with a prioritized and sequenced list of activities aligned with top business priorities. The engagement scope includes not just data and analytic infrastructure, but also organizational and change management considerations and recommendations.

Tactical near-term wins are balanced with longer term strategic objectives to provide solid guidance for the future. Our approach connects the dots between technology solutions and business initiatives.

Capability Assessments Provides an independent examination of current analytical capabilities and identifies gaps in analytic maturity, technology, business processes and people. Teradata Capability Assessments benchmark current capabilities against a global view of best practices to identify gaps and business improvement opportunities.


Ecosystem Architecture Captures the enterprise analytics architecture in its current state, identifies, and recommends required capabilities or remediation strategies, and links architectures to meet the needs of the business. Teradata's Ecosystem Architecture provides clear and actionable advisory, strategic input, program management, and governance.

In addition, our Ecosystem Architecture Consulting is a suite of consulting services to architect efficient analytical ecosystems for customers, using tailored mixes of technologies suited to meet analytical requirements and deliver high-value data driven insights.

Data Engineering

DataOps Establishes an integrated end-to-end process which extracts data from source systems, organizes it in a structured data environment, and makes it available on the platform for the end business user to consume.

AnalyticOps Creates the systems and processes for model development, coding, and testing of that code and iteration, as necessary, in an industrialized and repeatable fashion to deliver an analytic model development, testing, deployment, operations, and maintenance pipeline.

Data/Information Architecture Defines and delivers an architecture across the solution spanning on-premises and cloud environments with a virtual layer as the true enterprise data fabric (e.g., Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery via Unity); accessible through a unified single layer, security always in place, and multiple access methods adapted to customer needs.

Data Consolidation Helps you identify, consolidate, and integrate data required to meet business requirements into the appropriate, best-fit platform within your analytic ecosystem. This ensures your data is delivered to the end user in the timeframes required by the business; to enable cross-functional analytics and end-to-end business process optimization.


Data/Platform Migration Integrate Vantage with advanced automation to quickly / seamlessly physically move data assets and/or infrastructure into the new client environment (on-premises or cloud) coupled with a platform architecture focused on performance resiliency and overall value realization.

Software Upgrade Provides customers a fully managed and seamless upgrade service for generally available (GCA) software releases (e.g., minor and major). Utilizes both tool and automation-oriented upgrade strategies to reduce downtime and risk associated with traditional software upgrades. This enables customers to take advantage of latest Teradata capabilities by significantly reducing the effort, risk, and cost associated with upgrading to a GCA release of Vantage.

Data Security & Privacy Securing sensitive data with consistent vulnerability management, identification, authentication and access rights, auditing capabilities, segregation, and protection such as pseudonymization or anonymization through encryption, tokenization, and masking capabilities. These enforcement mechanisms are implemented within the analytic environment.