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Political Activity Policy Statement

Teradata Corporation (“Teradata” or the “Company”) is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and complies with applicable laws and related regulations regarding the use of corporate resources in connection with political activities. In addition, Teradata generally encourages its employees to participate in permitted political activities where they live and work, provided that such activities only occur in an individual and private capacity and not on behalf of the Company. 

In furtherance of these principles, Teradata has adopted a political activity policy which provides that the Company and its affiliates will not make political contributions or use any corporate funds or assets for any candidates or political parties, including campaign committees and funds, caucuses, independent expenditure committees, or special interest groups engaged in lobbying activities. All lobbying activities and other political activity on behalf of the Company, including participation in any trade associations, must be coordinated through, and approved in advance by, the Teradata Law Department. Employees who engage in partisan political activities, including the election process, must do so solely on their own behalf and not on the Company’s behalf, time or premises.

In particular: 
  • No Company funds or assets may be used directly or indirectly to support any political party, candidate or similar political organization. This prohibition extends to any special interest groups organized under U.S. Internal Revenue Service Section 527 engaged in lobbying activities such as super PACs.
  • Employees may make personal political contributions (including to any political party, candidate or political organization or interest group) and may engage in political activities of their own choosing. However, such contributions and activities cannot be made or undertaken in any way that would make it appear that Teradata is supporting a candidate for election, a political party, an interest group, or any political initiative or ballot issue without the advance written approval of the Teradata Law Department.
  • All lobbying activities (including participation in any trade associations) that are conducted on behalf of Teradata and its business operations, interests, and strategy must be coordinated with, and approved in advance by, the Teradata Law Department.
The now-discontinued Teradata Political Action Committee (“Teradata PAC”) was a non-profit, non-partisan committee registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission. Prior to 2016, the Teradata PAC accepted voluntary contributions from eligible employees and, in furtherance of the Company’s interests, used those funds to support candidates for elective offices at the U.S. federal and state levels. The Company did not contribute to the Teradata PAC. The Teradata PAC ceased accepting employee contributions in late 2015 and terminated operations in early 2016.

Teradata GDPR

As a data and analytics leader, Teradata vows to only collect and use your personal data with your permission. As a steward of your data, we want you to fully understand and have complete control over how your personal data is used by our company.

Benefits of Sharing Your Data With Us

Your personal data allows us to create a better online experience for you. Depending on the level of access you grant us to your data, we can tailor content on the site to fit your needs. And we can provide you with related digital advertisements across multiple channels.

What Choices Do I Have?

Choose the solution that best describes your preference:

Personalize my online experience

My data will be stored by Teradata and as a result, I may receive experience customized content on and see digital ads that are targeted to my specific interests

Do not personalize my online experience

None of my personal data will be tracked, so content on will not be personalized for me and Teradata will not use my data to show me targeted digital ads

Updating Settings in the Future

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