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Products Customer Advisory Board

Help shape the future of data analytics products and solutions.

Be a Products Customer Advisory Board Member

The Products Customer Advisory Board (CAB) provides a channel for direct communications between our product organization and our customers. All types of data analytic users are welcome to join the CAB to ensure our products and capabilities align with our customers' most important needs.

This important opportunity allows customers to share their needs and pain points with the Teradata product management team. The feedback directly impacts future product updates. CAB members also connect with and learn from other world-class customers about how they're using analytics to achieve their goals, gain unlimited intelligence, and drive the future of their business.

Why join the Products CAB?

Connect with other Teradata users and learn about best practices they've deploying.

Have a direct channel to product management for feedback, requested updates, and new features for future Teradata releases.

Gain early access and sharing input on Teradata's future product roadmap.


CAB members are able to:

  • Participate in annual F2F meetings that cover roadmap updates, feedback, and questions.
  • Submit and vote on update ideas via a dedicated portal for CAB members.
  • Join activities such as targeted surveys, and group and 1:1 discussions about using advanced analytics.
  • Receive advanced notice of early access programs and learn about the latest Teradata features.
  • Take part in interviews focused on helping product management better understand customers' needs, challenges, and goals.


To become a CAB member, a customer must:

  • Be using or plan to upgrade to Teradata 16.1 or a later version.
  • Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.
  • Complete an introductory survey about their role in their company, use of analytics.
  • Participate in CAB activities throughout the year.
  • Contribute feedback and submit ideas via CAB portal.


Teradata is looking for individuals who:

  • Work for a current Teradata customer.
  • Are directly involved in data management and analytics.
  • Will share perspectives on their data management and analytics tools.
  • Can provide direct feedback about Teradata, whether it's positive or negative.
  • Proactively propose ways Teradata can improve to better suit customers' needs.


Products CAB members make up a cross-section of businesses and job functions, such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • DBA
  • Data architect
  • Developer
  • DevOps
  • ITOps

These customers use Teradata products and are involved in data management or analytics. Joining the CAB is their opportunity to influence the direction of data analytic products to help shape the future of their own business.

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