Honoring the Best and Brightest Minds in Analytics


You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter.

The Teradata Opti Awards is an international competition celebrating the highest achievements in analytics—honoring Teradata customers who have uncovered new optics, new insights, and new opportunities that drive optimum business outcomes for their organizations. “Opti” represents the optics and optimization you bring to your organization using data and analytics.

We invite all of our customers from all industries around the world to enter and welcome joint entries that include an alliance partner. The Opti Awards panel of independent judges will score each submission to determine who will bring home the crystal trophy and the prize pack.


Winning Customers Receive:

  • One complimentary registration for this year's conference (October 14-18 in Las Vegas)
  • Statuesque CrystalAward
  • 1 week consulting engagement with Think Big Analytics™ consultant
  • Recognition at this year’s conference in Las Vegas
  • Invitation to exclusive networking reception for winners and finalists at the conference
  • Opportunity to speak at a Teradata-sponsored event
  • Bragging rights
  • So much more!

Opti Awards 2018 Timeline

Reception for Winners and Finalists
  • It’s Your Chance to Win

Opti Award Categories


Are your analytics prescriptive, descriptive, predictive, cognitive or even diagnostic? How have you combined brainpower, manpower, methodologies, the science of numbers, data and discovery to work in unlocking answers?  Are you able to ask questions on-demand that you never thought of previously and present answers to executives in more meaningful ways? 

Cloud Revolution

Did a team, department, or business unit decision or even a corporate mandate prompt you to embrace the cloud or hybrid cloud? How has focusing on analytics rather than infrastructure driven innovation or enabled new business models? How has as-a-service consumption developed new skill sets that drove insights to excel the business? Were you able to harness the cloud to incorporate new data types and sources to develop new analytics to meet market needs?


Whether you have customers, patients, members or constituents, how did you identify, reinvent and optimize their journey and experience with you? How did you bridge the divide between insight and outcome and between understanding and meeting their or your needs?


Are you on the leading edge of innovation? Did you fail fast and excel even faster? Have you created a new market or product? Challenged the industry? Undergone a digital transformation?  How did your investment impact your return on innovation? Did you capitalize on AI? IoT? Or a really cool mixture of analytic techniques and new data sources?

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