Drive ROI with Trusted AI

$125 million in profits. See the Total Economic Impact™ of Teradata ClearScape Analytics™. 

Moving AI initiatives from proof of concept to production isn’t easy. But Teradata customers are accelerating the process with ClearScape Analytics. Our powerful AI engine quickly scales end-to-end AI/ML pipelines with accountability, security, and trust—all while controlling costs. 

What does that return on investment (ROI) look like? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out.  

Cost savings and benefits of ClearScape Analytics 

The results show how a current Teradata customer is driving significant profits, productivity improvements, and customer engagement with ClearScape Analytics.  

Download the study to learn how ClearScape Analytics powers AI/ML breakthroughs for this customer, including: 

  • Scaling AI to drive ROI, contributing to $125 million in profits and a three-year ROI of 244%
  • Boosting productivity and time savings, resulting in 3x more models released
  • Improving customer experiences, increasing email open rates from 2% to 46%, and producing $80 million in profit from referral programs

“Each model we built before [ClearScape Analytics] would take close to 10% to 15% of someone’s time doing maintenance. If you had a person who built 10 models, they’d be pretty much fully booked. With ClearScape AnalyticsTM, it probably takes them 2% of their time when we deploy a new model.”

SVP of Enterprise Data and Analytics, healthcare
The Total Economic Impact™ of Teradata ClearScape Analytics™, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Teradata, January 2024

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