How Leaders Harness AI To Drive Rapid Results

Generative AI is the new innovation catalyst, offering trillions in total economic potential. But in the fast-changing AI landscape, how do organizations know the right approach to drive value from AI innovation?

Join us for an exclusive conversation with AI experts Dr. Ayesha Khanna, co-founder and CEO of Addo, and Dr. Vedat Akgun, vice president of data science and AI at Teradata.

You’ll hear how leaders are winning in the era of generative AI—plus, see key findings from the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study of ClearScape Analytics™. This 2024 commissioned study shows how one of our customers is using our AI engine to maximize profits, productivity, and customer experiences.

In this expert-led discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Key considerations to shape your ROI-driven AI strategy
  • Technologies that may help you drive value and reduce costs 
  • The latest insights on AI risks and how you can manage them
  • Smart investments for garnering rapid AI results
  • How ClearScape Analytics contributed to $125 million in profits over three years for one of our customers

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Dr. Vedat Akgun

Dr. Vedat Akgun, Ph.D., Vice President of Data Science and AI, Teradata

Dr. Vedat Akgun is vice president of data science and AI in the marketing organization at Teradata. He uses his depth and breadth of experience in AI/ML to plan, implement, and manage Teradata's overall AI marketing strategy and lead AI thought leadership.

Akgun has more than two decades of hands-on practitioner experience in AI/ML, delivering actionable, intuitive, and impactful advanced analytical capabilities in major industries, including finance; telecommunications; supply chain; pricing and revenue management; retail; and transportation and logistics.

He holds a Ph.D. in industrial engineering with a specialization in operations research from the University at Buffalo.

Dr. Ayesha Khanna

Dr. Ayesha Khanna, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO, Addo

Dr. Ayesha Khanna is the co-founder and CEO of Addo, a global AI solutions firm headquartered in Singapore. Khanna was named one of Southeast Asia's groundbreaking female entrepreneurs by Forbes and advises leading corporations and governments worldwide on AI, smart cities, and the metaverse.

Khanna is a highly regarded speaker on AI and disruptive technologies, provides high-level government and board briefings, and was a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Future Councils, a community of international experts who provide thought leadership on the impact and governance of emerging technologies.

Khanna holds an M.S. in operations research from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in information systems (focused on digital innovation in smart cities) from the London School of Economics.

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