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Fast and Flexible Teradata Database Deployment Options

Easy Teradata Database Deployment on Virtualized Environments

Leverage the agile and scalable options of Teradata Database on VMware for a wide range of use cases such as advanced application development, prototyping, and production environment deployment.



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  • Quickly deploy Teradata Database, the world’s most powerful database
  • Take advantage of your organization’s existing virtualization infrastructure and server pool, providing an alternative to on-premise and cloud deployment options
  • Choose from flexible and scalable deployment options based on use cases


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Teradata Database on VMware


Teradata Database on VMware offers:

  • Teradata Database pre-installed and pre-configured with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system, ready to be deployed on a VMware® virtualized environment
  • Teradata QueryGrid™ and optional Teradata Database features such as Teradata Columnar, Teradata Row Level Security, Teradata Temporal, Teradata Active System Management and Teradata TPump/Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream Operator are pre-installed and bundled in the price
  • Includes a vSphere® PowerCLI script that enables flexible configuration


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Use Cases


Production Deployment

Terada Database on VMware provides a scalable, massively parallel processing (MPP) option for production use case, or development or test use cases when scalability is the requirement. 

It includes:

  • Advanced Teradata Database features such as Teradata Columnar, Teradata Temporal, Teradata Row-Level Security, and Teradata Secure Zones
  • Features that provide robustness to your production deployment, such as:
    • Teradata Viewpoint for systems management and monitoring
    • Teradata Workload Management for workload and resource management
    • Data Stream Utility for data backup and archiving
    • Teradata Server Management for alerting Teradata Customer Support with system affecting events
    • Teradata QueryGrid for enabling seamless multi-system analytics

Development and Test Environments

Teradata Database on VMware’s script-based deployment on VMware virtual platform provides an agile and cost-effective option to:

  • Experiment with physical database design changes
  • Prototype new applications
  • Maintain multiple database versions for testing
  • Isolate development from your production system

Teradata Database Version and Feature Evaluation

Use free download edition of Teradata Database on VMware to:

  • Test new Teradata Database software releases
  • Try new Teradata Database features


Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware enables fast and scalable deployment of Teradata Database on your existing VMware platform.


Teradata Database on VMware for Small and Mid-Size Businesses.

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