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IntelliCloud Management Console

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Self-Service Control for Your IntelliCloud Account

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides Teradata customers with self-service management and operation of their IntelliCloud account.

The Teradata IntelliCloud Management Console enables IntelliCloud customers to:

  • View status of all their IntelliCloud databases in one location
  • Monitor and manage their IntelliCloud resources
  • See basic database site metrics
  • Open and monitor support tickets
  • Add or delete user accounts

Database Site Details and Metrics

With IntelliCloud Management Console, customers can view specific details for a database site from the dashboard by selecting the site and scrolling down the page.


Database Site Requests

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides a convenient interface for customers to request new database sites and to manage or delete existing database sites from a single location. Features include:

  • Adding a Database Site
  • Editing a Database Site
  • Requesting to Delete a Database Site

Support and Ticketing

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides a convenient, self-service interface to the IntelliCloud support portal in lieu of (or in addition to) the traditional ServiceNow interface.


User Management

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides a convenient interface for customers to manage user accounts. Features include:

  • Adding Users
  • Deleting Users
  • Managing Passwords


Managing a Database Site on AWS

If your IntelliCloud database site is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, the following additional site security interaction and access management is available via the IntelliCloud Management Console:

  • Adding and deleting inbound traffic ports
  • Creating inbound and outbound traffic firewall rules
  • Setting up Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering


Supported Browsers

Users are requested to employ one of the latest versions of Google Chrome as the web browser for accessing the IntelliCloud Management Console.



Q1: What is Teradata IntelliCloud Management Console?

The console is an easy-to-use web interface for monitoring and managing Teradata Databases as part of the IntelliCloud service offering.

Q2: How do I start using IntelliCloud Management Console?

Existing IntelliCloud customers can use their Teradata Support credentials to login. New customers will be provided with credentials once their systems have been set up and are ready to use.

Q3: What can I use to access IntelliCloud Console?

A Chrome browser is required to access IntelliCloud Management Console.

Q4: What features does the IntelliCloud Management Console support?

Features available immediately include:

  • Database Summary and configurations
  • Database Disk and CPU utilization metrics
  • Database IP information: CIDR, Database, and Viewpoint
  • Database Network Security and Access Management (for AWS infrastructure)
  • Add/delete inbound traffic ports
  • Inbound/outbound firewall rules
  • VPC Peering
  • User management
  • Support ticket management

Q5: What additional features are planned?

IntelliCloud Management Console provides a rich set of features and more are planned, including:

  • Database resizing
  • Metering
  • Backup as a Service
  • Data Seeding as a Service
  • User management (delete, roles)

Q6: Which public cloud regions does IMC support?

IntelliCloud Management Console supports all IntelliCloud regions.

Q7: What user access management policies can I implement in IntelliCloud Management Console?

Current version of IntelliCloud Management Console give all users the same access to services. In the future, service owners and access managers will be able to define role-based access controls.

Q8: Can I use ServiceNow instead of the IntelliCloud Management Console to handle tickets?

Yes, customers can use both services to open/update/monitor support tickets. IntelliCloud Management Console provides a more filtered and simpler view of tickets; for detailed views, customers will be able to click on a ticket to open it in ServiceNow.

Q9: How much does IntelliCloud Management Console cost?

IntelliCloud Management Console is available at no additional charge for IntelliCloud customers.

Q10: How can I contact support when I find a problem with my Teradata instance?

Customers can leverage existing Teradata support channels or open a new request using the IntelliCloud Management Console Support ticketing features.

Q11: How can I view or edit network security and its rules on IntelliCloud Management Console?

IntelliCloud customers with AWS infrastructure can manage Network Ports, Firewall Rules, and VPC peering using the IntelliCloud Management Console. For features not supported by IntelliCloud Management Console, customers can open support tickets using IntelliCloud Management Console to request network setting changes.

Q12: What is the minimum time interval granularity for the data that IntelliCloud Management Console receives and aggregates?

Most system metrics and database metrics are received and aggregated on 5-minute intervals.


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