Teradata Acquires Stemma, Adding AI Technology and Talent to Accelerate Transformative Analytics Value for Customers

Jul 25, 2023 | SAN DIEGO

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) today announced that it has acquired Stemma Technologies (“Stemma”), a cloud-native, fully managed, data catalog solution. Founded in 2020, Stemma is recognized for its innovation and adept use of AI and machine learning that helps users discover, trust, and use their data and metadata more effectively.

Hillary Ashton, Teradata’s Chief Product Officer, said “Stemma is helping redefine how enterprises find trustworthy data and providing a consistently up-to-date view of data anytime, anywhere. With a focus on AI-enhanced data search and exploration, we expect Stemma to broaden Teradata’s capacity to provide transformative analytics value from discovery through delivery. Stemma’s automated data catalog capabilities will help Teradata deliver an enhanced user experience designed to accelerate growth in the flourishing area of AI and ML analytics. We are thrilled to welcome Stemma’s strong team of engineers and metadata experts to help advance Teradata’s product roadmap in data lineage, data governance and data compliance—all driving to greater self-serve analytics in the age of AI.”

Stemma’s solution was engineered to provide high-grade security, enhanced ease of use data search capabilities, and automated data intelligence. With 20 built-in data connectors, Stemma’s robust data catalog solution will strengthen Teradata’s data fabric and accelerate the analytic productivity of the Vantage platform.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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