FICO has a long history of developing partnership-centric relationships with top industry systems integrators, service providers and processors to develop and customize end-to-end analytic and decision management solutions for any market.


FICO partners act as trusted advisors in planning and architecting solutions in a wide range of industries such as financial services, banking, energy, healthcare, government, insurance, utilities and others.

FICO and Teradata partnered to deliver the industry’s most advanced AI-powered decision automation for financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and transportation.


Benefits of Partnership

Detect Real-time Payment & Account Fraud

  • FICO and Teradata have designed a fraud solution for banking, with specific focus on real-time payments, that can help stop the alarming rise in scams and payments fraud involving retail banking accounts and payment cards.

Improve Outcomes for Complex Medical Claims

  • Predicting and managing healthcare expenditures is a top strategic priority. Find out how our decision automation process solution can drastically accelerate the embedment of patient insights into the operations of claims adjusters, case managers, and special investigations units.

Enhance Supply Chain Resiliency

  • Unify siloed data and advanced analytics across dynamic transactional systems to enable real-time forecasting and behavior modeling

The industry’s most advanced AI-powered decision automation

Together, FICO and Teradata offer new breakthroughs in analyzing data for real-time risk management and supply chain optimization.


Find out more about our Fraud Detection Solution Accelerator