Teradata Industry Analytic Schema (iAS)

Dimensional and analytic model components to accelerate Access Layer build-out.

Build Access Layers. Fast.

The iAS is a business-driven, predefined industry-focused set of analytical schemas designed to support and accelerate development of your selected analytic environment product. Highly flexible to meet business needs, iAS schemas support atomic, historical, and aggregate level detail and provide analytic, foundational schemas accessible to both business and technical users from diverse analytic systems and data sources. 

Faster business intelligence
Modular design approach brings faster time to business value through common reusable industry components and best practices.

Industry model alignment
Align and interoperate seamlessly with Teradata Industry Data Models (iDMs) for sustained data integration, conformance, and continuity.

Future expansion
Design practices can also be used to build and implement client access layers for future Access Layer extension.

Risk reduction
Built to enable consistency and reuse across analytical environments, eliminating risk, and enabling predictable future growth.

Teradata everywhere capabilities
Software suite orchestrates the modern analytical ecosystem and powers advanced analytics at scale with flexible reporting using preferred BI/OLAP tools.

Analytic accelerators
Pre-defined analytic assets, best practices, and agile processes enable fast, flexible discovery, innovation, collaboration, and answers based on drill-through, ad-hoc, and advanced analytics business requirements.

Vantage Industry Analytic Schemas Datasheet

Teradata Industry Analytic Schemas (iAS)

iAS is a business-driven, industry-focused set of schemas designed to support and accelerate analytic environment development.

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