The right data to the right people at the right time

We are the only company in the world that can ensure the right people have the right data at the right time. What does this mean? We create a truly enterprise-wide, unified data architecture that creates a culture of citizen analysts not beholden to IT, but empowered with the confidence to:

  • Reveal methods to monetize data across the entire value chain
  • Pinpoint how to control and contain all costs associated with doing business
  • Leverage assets and exploit resources for maximum profitability
  • Ensure reliability, resilience, and safety against a framework of environmental and regulatory compliance
  • Develop competitive predictive and planned maintenance insights, yield analytics, and production analytics

Integrate your data at scale, enterprise-wide.
Ingest and curate data at the lowest possible price. 

Enterprise analytics at scale can’t happen without these three things:

  • A scalable data science platform that performs with the language of choice
  • True data integration not dependent on what your data is or where it comes from
  • A data lake to ingest and curate data at the lowest possible price point

Case Studies

The world’s best brands rely on us for good reason

Our people think ahead, start smart, and never, ever leave you hanging

We aren’t everybody else. We roll our sleeves up and solve the biggest, messiest business problems. We consider ourselves the non-conformists who fail fast - so you succeed faster. No matter where you are on the data and analytics journey, we are right there with you.