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Banking analytics operationalizes insights to support multinational banking acquisitions.

It is commonplace for retail banks and financial institutions to see frequent and ongoing mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Chances are the retail bank you entrust is a composite or divestiture of multiple financial institutions through the years.

Such is the case with ABANCA, a growing and leading bank in the Galicia region.

ABANCA is a flagship retail and commercial banking group in the Northwest of Spain. It has spent years merging, acquiring, and divesting. The bank has presence in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, and the USA. With over 2M personal and commercial customers, globally, ABANCA’s strategic initiatives include transforming the organization to be more flexible, simplified, and cooperative. They are doing so by boosting innovation through strengthening its banking analytics with the goal of improving customer experience via client knowledge.

ABANCA's efforts start with creating a single version of data truth.

As an expanding global banking group, every merger, acquisition, and divestiture requires governance, rules, and policies to be set. ABANCA operationalizes insights using Teradata Vantage™, creating a single version of data truth by incorporating information from its multinational bank acquisitions to extend data analytics across all organizations. The goal? Global data truth is improving client knowledge among ABANCA's employees; ensuring acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures follow a consistent process, ultimately leading to improved customer experience.

ABANCA by the numbers




global branches




total assets

José Manuel Valiño, Executive Director of Information Technology, Innovation, Process and Operations, ABANCA

José Manuel Valiño

Executive Director of Information Technology, Innovation, Process and Operations

José Valiňo holds a MS degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and conducted postgraduate studies at The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. His career began at Arthur Andersen, later becoming a partner in Europa Management Consulting and Meta Group, now Gartner Group. In 2000, he moved to the banking industry where he currently serves as an executive director of IT, innovation, process and operations at ABANCA.

Realizing different users require different data access, needs, and tools, ABANCA developed an agile data platform, organizing data into logical layers from business users, to analytical users, to advanced users, to data scientists.

The platform centralizes user access for decentralized use case, allowing self-service banking analytics throughout the organization.

A well understood big picture of the organization needs to be captured and communicated in the form of a model.

A data model help developers and analysts better understand a set of data elements and the corresponding business rules. Every model has a defined scope. Likewise, a data model can represent a specific functional area such as risk management or treasury, or the entire organization. ABANCA invested in the Teradata Financial Services Data Model (FSDM) from the beginning. From this, ABANCA was able to quickly prove value throughout its enterprise by understanding data and its relationships.

Centralized access for decentralized use cases

“We have built a single version of truth with a very powerful data model using Teradata Vantage. The simplicity of the data model and the power of Vantage allows us to separate some business and to deliver it to others, and at the same time, bring in and incorporate other businesses to us.”

José Manuel Valiño,
Executive Director of Information Technology, Innovation, Process and Operations

The data model becomes an enabler, allowing ABANCA to understand relationships between tables.

The users become the community that is guided by the layered data architecture – which defines the users’ access based on their roles. Within the ABANCA ecosystem, the layers of the data architecture (data lab, presentation layer, aggregation, calculation, and staging) is designed to give the users appropriate access to the data they need to do their job. ABANCA has defined processes that, along with their data model, ensure they don’t duplicate data elements, but rather reuse data elements that they have already defined and captured.

ABANCA's core competence evolution


Financial planning and budgeting


Customer profitability


Analytical CRM & customer journey, pre-approved credits/loans, regulatory reporting


Capital allocation


Risk management and merger support


Carve out support and stress test


Machine learning and data discovery with unstructured data


AnalyticOps (also known as “The ABANCA analytical brain”)

ABANCA recognizes that operationalizing insights via decentralized access to the data allows the entire organization to act.

ABANCA’s use of banking analytics has seen their customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase 300%. A significant improvement not only seen and felt internally, but by their global customers. 

ABANCA's answer:

Operational Day One readiness leads to rapid returns.

ABANCA's multinational presence is supported through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures of its business. Teradata Vantage provides an analytics platform for ABANCA to create a single source of data truth. This operationalizes insights across users and geographies, ensuring operational readiness for business continuity, positioning ABANCA for sustained, long-term growth.

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