What’s new for Teradata VantageCloud Lake?

If Azure is your preferred Cloud Service Provider, we've collaborated with Microsoft so you can accelerate your business transformation & derive insights at scale with Teradata VantageCloud Lake on Azure.

Robin Jessani
Robin Jessani
July 11, 2023 4 min read
VantageCloud Lake on Azure

So much has happened since the initial launch of Teradata VantageCloud Lake in August 2022. We’re excited to share the many new capabilities and the extended partnerships we’ve worked on to bring cutting-edge cloud innovations to market.

Our analytics and data platform provides a single, consolidated version of the truth in an easy-to-manage, cost effective, cloud-native way. It is designed to help organizations like yours deliver better customer experiences and new analytic breakthroughs. Many of which will leverage ClearScape Analytics for AI/ML, including generative AI.

VantageCloud Lake unlocks all the capabilities you’d expect in a cloud solution, such as independent multi-cluster compute, self-service provisioning, and low-cost object storage. Built upon Teradata’s differentiated technology stack, including the industry-leading Analytics Database, ClearScape Analytics, and QueryGrid, Lake provides you with the modern, cloud-native architecture you need to harmonize data, enrich customer experiences and improve business performance.

One of our most exciting new developments stems from our collaboration with Microsoft to deliver VantageCloud Lake on Azure. If Azure is your preferred Cloud Service Provider (CSP), you can now accelerate your business transformation and derive insights at scale with a joint solution from two industry innovators. VantageCloud Lake on Azure opens the door for enriched analytics with its tight integration with Microsoft’s native service Azure Machine Learning (AzureML) and support for the Azure object store.

VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics, a robust suite of optimized in-database functions with an open and connected API-driven framework to activate analytics at scale, coupled with AzureML can improve your AI/ML model deployment workflow. AzureML has user-friendly developer tools that making building and training models easy, and the seamless integration with the Lake platform gives you the Massive Parallel Processing power to dramatically increases your ability to prepare data and deploy complex analytic use cases at scale, like Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI, within your business.

VantageCloud Lake on Azure leverages Azure Blob Storage as the cloud object store and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2 as the data lake. These services provide you with the scalability needed to manage massive amounts of data at a low-cost and the performance needed to run advanced analytics.

Teradata also improves application resiliency leading to a better customer experience by leveraging the Premium SSD v2 shared disks capability. Customers benefit from faster onboarding and improved availability SLAs using snapshots and instant recovery to quickly recreate and recover new disks.

In addition to the Microsoft collaboration, Teradata released new cloud-native innovations for Lake that empower you to drive value and deliver harmonized data at every level in a cost-effective, flexible way. If you’re struggling with data and compute sprawl, accumulated over years of technology adoption and redundant data feeds, Lake can help provide a lake-centric solution to consolidate your estate.

Native data movement tools, like Bring your own Data Mover (BYODM), Flow, and In-Place Data Sharing, enhance data workflows across the organization, enabling a faster time-to-value while mitigating egress charges:

  • BYODM enables you to quickly copy data from your current Teradata environment to VantageCloud Lake, making it an ideal migration tool for those who want to modernize their infrastructure
  • Flow provides continuous data ingestion from the object store to the Object File System (OFS) with self-service automation that mitigates time spent on mundane tasks
  • In-Place Data Sharing gives users the ability to share a single copy of private data with OFS to other users on the same system, increasing business autonomy and agility

Open Table Formats (OTFs) with ACID protection, such as Delta Lake, are supported so you can safely access data on one shared object store across multiple compute engines at the same time. Newly added support for Customer User Defined Functions (UDFs) offers enhanced flexibility for you to extend the Vantage database functionality to meet your workload needs. And Customer Managed Key’s (CMKs) provide an extra layer of security for sensitive data, giving you full control of encryption keys for your environments and allowing complete control over your data security. Cloud-native innovations like these, alongside many others, such as integration with Modern Data Stack partners MuleSoft, Airbyte, and DBT Labs, are being added frequently.

Additionally, VantageCloud Lake’s compute clusters have been optimized to enable superior performance across all enterprise workloads at scale. VantageCloud Lake runs analytics workloads with varying requirements, including business-critical workloads with tight SLA’s, transactional, AI/ML, data engineering, and data science workloads as examples. You can leverage different compute cluster types within a Lake instance to optimize your workload profiles and business requirements. In addition to running mixed workloads at scale, you can choose your preferred architectural design pattern (data lake, lakehouse, mart, or warehouse) within a single adaptable analytics platform.

With VantageCloud Lake, you can consolidate your existing data estate into one holistic, lake-centric environment to realize unmatched business agility and autonomy. Lake improves business performance, reduces risk and accelerates time-to-value for vital cloud migrations.  Teradata’s offers a robust migration methodology, tool set, and migration accelerators to complement new Lake compute cluster enhancements to make cloud migrations easier than ever.  Regardless of where you are in your cloud modernization journey, Teradata supports you with flexible pricing and a solution that lets you migrate and modernize at your own pace.

Whether modernizing, building new lake environments, or consolidating existing technologies into a Lake, Teradata and Microsoft provide you with the complete analytics and data platform you need in the cloud. VantageCloud Lake gives you the ability to innovate faster with self-service provisioning and management so that you can get from contract to query in mere minutes.

To learn more about VantageCloud Lake on Azure, click here.


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