Teradata's Predictions for 2023: From Technology to Trust

As 2022 nears to a close, members of Teradata’s C-suite and executive leadership team give us their predictions for 2023, on topics ranging from health-tech and AI to marketing and HR.

December 19, 2022 2 min read
2023 Predictions from Teradata

It’s that time of year again! As 2022 nears to a close, members of Teradata’s C-suite and executive leadership team give us their predictions for 2023, on topics ranging from health-tech and AI to marketing and HR.


Hillary Ashton, Teradata’s Chief Product Officer, on…

The AI-powered health-tech space will explode, and we’ll see many new developments, particularly in brain tech. From a whole-body digital twin or a digital twin to the human brain being developed in the healthcare space - we’ll have massive opportunities to better understand the human brain and body, and that will revolutionize both medicine and the man/machine race.


Quantum Computing
With quantum computing gaining traction, and both governments and businesses investing heavily in quantum research, we’ll witness computing power that enables us to solve complex problems previously thought “unsolvable” in a matter of minutes. From new drug discovery to weather predictions to easing traffic congestion, the practical use cases in certain industries will be game-changing.

Jacqueline Woods, Teradata’s Chief Marketing Officer, on…

Authenticity in Marketing
2023 is the year when marketing goes back to basics in terms of authenticity, being true to your brand heritage, and making your customer the star of the show. With the amount of marketing messaging that consumers are bombarded with every day, brands that connect with customers by understanding their needs, pain points, and ambitions - and communicate how they help in an authentic way - will win. A customer-first orientation, coupled with continuous reinvention to demonstrate value, will set brands apart.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We’re still failing to hit the mark on corporate diversity and inclusion programs to deliver real change and the spotlight on diversity will continue to grow. If brands want to keep loyal customers and more importantly - attract new ones, especially Millennials and Gen Z, they have to run authentic programs with real impact on communities. Any attempts by brands to use their diversity and inclusion policies merely as PR fodder will backfire.

Kathy Cullen-Cote, Teradata’s Chief People Officer, on…

2023 is all about winning with trust. We must work to build and maintain trust within ourselves, our people, our marginalized populations, our leaders, our customers, and our communities. When we do this, we will deliver a people-first culture that allows our teams and company to thrive.

Data-driven decision-making in HR
The need for data analytics will continue to accelerate as we move into 2023. This will be about more than simply having data; rather, there is a need to analyze and use that data to drive strategy, decision-making, and success. From a people perspective, the ability to discern what is most important in each organization and then predict and build talent plans for the next 5 years is necessary. Having the right data, tools, and people will help us to predict and build talent plans that drive company success for years to come.

Stay tuned for more 2023 predictions from Teradata’s bench of subject matter experts.

Happy Holidays!


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