Nadine Manjaro

Director, Industry Consultant in Telecommunications and IoT, Teradata

Nadine Manjaro
Nadine Manjaro

Nadine Manjaro is currently working as a Director, Industry Consultant in Telecommunications and IoT at Teradata for the past two and a half years. Prior to joining Teradata, Ms. Manjaro was an independent consultant for her own company Beyond Machine to Machine Communications LLC where she provided Internet of Things (IoT) business development and guidance on the IoT market to clients. Ms. Manjaro is also co-taught graduate level class in IoT at Columbia University in New York City. Recent Publications include “Artificial Intelligence Driving Innovation in Tech” and AI Chipset A-List Index, both published by Compass Intelligence. In addition, Ms. Manjaro developed an Internet of Things Training program for high school students and started delivering this training in late 2016. Prior to starting her own consulting practice, Ms. Manjaro was Director of IoT Programs for Tech Mahindra and prior to that was an IoT consultant for Verizon. She also worked as a Telecom Industry Analyst covering wireless infrastructure for ABI Research and held multiple technical roles at Sprint for over seven years. She worked in telecommunications for over 20 years and spoke at multiple telecommunications conferences.

Ms. Manjaro holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the University of Kansas, School of Engineering. She has undergraduate degrees including a (B.Sc.) Industrial Engineering and (BA) Economics/Statistics, both from Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ.

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