Deliver breakthrough performance with smarter machine learning models

Drive growth with machine learning analytics and deliver value from start to scale.

Capture real-time insights from AI/ML and the machine learning models that unlock the value of your data

Be ready for anything with insights you can depend on

It’s more important than ever to capture real-time insights from AI/ML and the machine learning models that unlock the value of your data. Many organizations juggle a mash-up of different strategies instead of one cohesive approach.

With Teradata, you get end-to-end analytics management that helps you:

  • Accelerate your data prep time by up to 70%
  • Plug the gap between proof-of-concept and production
  • Save up to 85% more than other solutions
  • Drive more ROI with the lowest total cost of ownership

Delivering on the promise of AI/ML is easy as 1-2-3

Overcome production challenges with ClearScape Analytics™ and our Analytics 1-2-3 framework: a proven strategy to help businesses execute an end-to-end analytics lifecycle.

Cut data prep time

Step 1

Accelerate data preparation time by up to 70%

Spend more time creating value—and less time preparing data—with in-database functions designed to fast-track data preparation and minimize data movement.

AI/ML models at massive scale

Step 2 

Train AI/ML models at massive scale—without cost overruns

Efficiently train any number of models—from a few to a few million—with vertical and horizontal scaling capabilities.

Launch millions of models

Step 3

Launch millions of models into production—in days

Deploy millions of models fast in a system that requires little to no manual intervention from data science or governance teams.

Tell us your AI/ML goals and one of our data analytics experts will be in touch 

Get better answers and faster results with ClearScape Analytics

Break through barriers with the most powerful, open, and connected AI/ML capabilities on the market.

  • Create reusable feature stores
  • Scale models/queries without cost overrun
  • Build or bring your own models
  • Operationalize at scale
  • Monitor your analytic pipelines

Unlock the full value of your data with your existing ecosystem

AWS, Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker 

Give stakeholders the insights to drive better business outcomes with Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker.

Microsoft Azure ML

Azure ML

Harness the power of your machine learning models in any environment with Teradata VantageCloud and Azure ML.

Discover strategies to achieve maximum ROI in your AI and ML projects

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance uses AI to open new markets

Success story

250% increase in contract rates

Discover how Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is using AI to open new markets.

Drive ongoing value with AI and Machine Learning


Drive ongoing value with AI/ML

Stop project slowdowns with an end-to-end machine learning analytics strategy.

Learn how to maximize machine learning analytics

Analyst content

Scale the AI/ML pipeline

Learn how to maximize machine learning analytics investments across the business.

Enable enterprise artificial intelligence at scale

White paper

Enable enterprise AI at scale

Create efficient processes to ensure machine learning models deliver real value.

Drive breakthrough performance with machine learning models

Find out how you can maximize the power of your data and unlock the full value of your machine learning analytics with Teradata VantageCloud and ClearScape Analytics. Tell us your AI/ML goals and one of our data analytics experts will be in touch.

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