Solution Modeling Building Blocks (SMBBs)

Business friendly access to data with consistent, flexible, and reusable semantic data models

SMBBs best practices jumpstart the development of the right access layer to support your analytics environment

Meeting your business needs

Encourages self-service and discovery

SMBBs allow business analysts to go beyond summary reporting.  SMBBs design practices make discovery and agile analysis a focus by proactively planning for easy access to detailed data and cross-functional analysis. This allows business stakeholders to act quickly on their own and effectively collaborate with data scientists in driving insights.

Faster time to Business Intelligence

It can take months, or longer, to develop a semantic model from scratch. The pre-built assets contained within the Solution Modeling Building Blocks act as a guide to launch a data modeling activity. A modular design approach brings faster time to business value through building block and reusability best practices.

Eliminates much of the risk

SMBBs eliminate risk, while enabling easy, predictable future growth and business value improvement. Teradata's expanding portfolio of industry solution-specific SMBBs are built with a vision to enable consistency and reuse accross analytical environments within the unified data architecture.

Simplifying the path to powerful insights

SMBBs include business friendly semantic data models which can be dimensional, normalized, or analytical data sets. Dimensional models are built with drill-down and drill-accross capabilities for atomic-level details.  The models also provide conformed dimensions that support multiple "department versions" of data. View Now

Multiple types of building blocks for specific functions

Access Path BBs - Help develop dimensions or analytical data sets by  breaking down complexity in moving from generic integrated data to specific semantic data.

Dimension BBs - reference structure variations which can be used to assemble models suited for specific BI tools.

Fact BBs - Fully dimensional in nature; crucial in supporting static and ad-hoc analysis concurrently.

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Building Blocks aligned with Teradata Industry Data Models

Although our Solution Modeling Building Blocks will work with any data model, utilization of a Teradata industry logical data model is that there are assets and processes to sustain data integration and conformance throughout the development process.  This continuity is key as the SMBBs leverage the Teradata Industry Data Model to further jumpstart your access layer solution. View Now

Rapid time to value through repeatable processes

Teradata Analytic Architecture Services professionals have many years of industry experience in building out analytic data soltuions.  The SMBBs portfolio includes starter set of predefined requirements and design assets. Our services consultants exploit these assets along with their experience of access layer implementation best practices to implement a timely solution. Watch Intro

Analytics success depends on a well-designed access layer

Teradata consultants can leverage the same design practices use to create SMBBs to design and then  implement client access layer. This not only ensures avoiding pit falls but also allows future extension of the access layer using other Teradata Industry SMBBs. Watch Intro

Drives Analytic Agility

Predefined assets, best practices, and agile processes allows an organization to discover, innovate, collaborate and deliver analytics with speed and flexibility. Watch Intro