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Why Teradata – IoT Experience and Expertise with Complex Analytics at Scale

Teradata helps companies evolve from standalone or narrowly focused IoT analytics projects to highly integrated, business-driven IoT operations. Thanks to our experience with different IoT applications, deep industry knowledge, and broad expertise with complex analytics at scale, we help companies derive sustainable value from IoT investments.

Specifically, our Analytics of Things experts:

  • Devise the right IoT strategies
  • Build the business case for effective IoT analytic solutions
  • Quickly design and deploy pilots and proof-of-concepts
  • Select the right options for analytic architecture and IoT technologies so the organization can support scalable data integration, data sharing, and multi-genre analytics
  • Embrace Analytics of Things (AoT) to make sense of enormous data volumes
  • Help bridge the divide between operational technology and information technology functions and process
  • Prepare for and drive transformational change across your organization

The results? IoT initiatives that lead to cost savings, improvements in operational efficiency, and identification of new revenue streams.


Our Focus is on Data and Analytics

Teradata does not try to be everything to everyone when it comes to IoT. Teradata is focused on data and analytics – period, end of story. All day, every day, we help companies make sense of their data, so they can use it to advance business objectives.

We Provide Unified and Contextual Views of Critical Data

Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture (UDA) provides the foundation of the “analytic ecosystem” companies need to make sense of enormous and fast-moving IoT sensor data flows. Sensor data is exponentially more valuable when viewed in a wider context. Our UDA combines the best of open-source technologies, such as Hadoop and Spark, with the performance of data warehouses.  

That means the ability to distinguish between useful information and worthless noise. Further, UDA establishes an effective environment for joining sensor and IoT data with other types of business-critical information (inventory, supply chain, customer and pricing data) to identify root cause for problems and plan the next best action. This is where Big Data including IoT data translates into big ROI.

We Deliver Analytics at Scale

Teradata has a long history of consolidating and integrating data at scale to support effective advanced analytics. We’ve been designing, delivering and optimizing Big Data solutions longer than anyone. When we say “at scale,” we mean systems ranging from a few terabytes to 50 petabytes in a single machine – without having to scale the people and labor to match.

Today, Teradata IoT specialists design IoT solutions that produce sophisticated and scalable analytics for all of your data, all of the time. Separating business-critical information from the noise is the first step. That’s why we put the flood of IoT data into low-cost data lakes. Then we send relevant sensor data to data warehouses where data scientists and analysts can experiment with it. Costs go down, benefits go up. With countless valuable insights within reach, analytics will drive business value.


Self-Service to Democratize Data and Analytics (Because IT Can’t Do Everything)

Accelerate time to value for IoT investments by giving data scientists, analysts and other business users the ability to conduct their own experiments with IoT data, with little or no IT involvement. Done right, self-service leads to low-cost and high-value insights. Teradata Listener provides easy delivery of sensor data to whoever needs it. Our Advanced Analytics solutions and Teradata’s Aster App Center make data science experiments quick and easy. They also make great starting points for pilots and proof-of-concept projects.

Comprehensive Knowledge, Professional Expertise and Product-Agnostic Advice

As your trusted IoT advisors, our consultants design excellent solutions and architectures. Only then will we propose the best analytic technology and infrastructure. We offer objective advice and planning so you can build the IoT platform and AoT capabilities that are right for your business.

You may be surprised to learn that Teradata’s IoT specialists and consultants are product-agnostic and technology-neutral. For almost a decade, we have worked with open-source technologies (such as Hadoop, Spark, and Presto) and collaborated with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and other leading vendors.

Fast Paths to Value

We know how to quickly translate corporate IoT needs into business cases and how to identify data sets for jump-start, low-cost pilots that deliver demonstrable value. The justification that comes from these “quick wins” leads to bigger IoT data integrations and more advanced analytics programs. So, let’s get some data and get started today.

Why Talk to Teradata?

Because, according to Gartner, 80% of companies have unclear IoT goals, narrow use cases and limited analytics scope. Get advanced analytics capabilities and the scale necessary to drive competitive advantage with IoT. Talk to a member of our team today

What's the value of IoT?

"This new product data is valuable by itself, yet its value increases exponentially when it is integrated with other data, such as service histories, inventory locations, commodity prices, and traffic patterns."

Dr. Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review, How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies, Sept 30, 2015
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How to Get Past Short-Term Thinking

Niall O’Doherty of Teradata and Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT affirm that short-term thinking is the reason the full promise of IoT has not yet materialized.

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Endless Analytic Possibilities of IoT

It’s not just the volume of data that’s staggering to think about – it’s also the scope of the value to be created.

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Analytics & the IoT

The right analytics architecture is critical to unlock the full potential of IoT.

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Are You Ready?

Though analysts say most companies are not ready, a clear business case points the way forward and puts value within reach.

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