The Analytics of Success

Innovators and Early Adopters Show the Transformative Power of IoT

Effective IoT Applications, Solutions, Architectures and Platforms Are Delivering Value Today

Why is the Internet of Things (IoT) transforming every major industry in the world? Because IoT applications and solutions offer fundamentally new insights into product design and manufacturing, engaging and serving consumers, and monitoring and managing operations. Consider these Analytics of Things use cases from global companies. Some of them have been combining sensor data with corporate data for a long time.

The internet of things  
graphic Volvo Cars

Transforming Safety Standards with the IoT

Nearly 90% of Volvo's cars are connected to the IoT. Since 2011, the company has embraced the idea that "cars shouldn't crash" and has used IoT data and AoT insights to predict component failure rates.

Volvo Cars & IoT  
graphic Flex

Streamlining the Supply Chain with IoT

High-tech manufacturer Flex employs predictive analytics on both in-house data sets and external IoT data streams to optimize supply chain performance worldwide. The business payoff? Higher buyer confidence and clear competitive advantage.

Flex & IoT  
graphic Siemens

Keeping Trains on Track with the IoT

Advanced analytics and a robust IoT architecture provide the right IoT solution for Siemens, leading to a new, performance-focused business model, thanks to the shift from reactive to predictive maintenance.

Siemens & IoT  
graphic Pacific Gas & Electric

Remaining at the forefront with the IoT

Building on a strong IoT platform, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) has developed a culture of analytics to improve the integration of their Smart Meter & Smart Grid capabilities.

PG&E & IoT