Unmatched Flexibility for IntelliCloud Control The IntelliCloud Management Console provides Teradata customers with self-service control to easily view status of all IntelliCloud systems, monitor and elastically scale resources, open and manage support tickets, and much more.
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Convenient Tracking
Easily Change System Parameters

Convenient, single location interface to scale compute power up/down, scale the number of nodes out/in, or stop/start the database in order to optimize spend.

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IntelliCloud Security
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Easy Access Metrics
View IntelliCloud Site Metrics, Utilization Trends

See specific details for any IntelliCloud site by simply viewing the dashboard.

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User Management
Easily Modify Daily Backup Schedule 

Intuitive user interface to manage when you want your backup jobs to take place.

see user management
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Support Ticket Management
Submit and Track Support Requests

The IntelliCloud Management Console provides a convenient, self-service interface for submitting and tracking support requests at any time of the day or night.

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