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Teradata Launches Think Big’s Strategic Consulting Services in Japan

November 24, 2016 | Japan

Teradata offers comprehensive services, from strategic planning and implementation to operation, by expanding its big data analytics consulting business internationally

24th November 2016: Teradata Japan Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yukihiko Yoshikawa, President), a subsidiary of Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), today announced the availability of Think Big Strategic Consulting Services to Japanese customers.

Think Big, a Teradata company, offers pure-play, full lifecycle services, including analytics consulting for the entire big data ecosystem - from data lake design and implementation, to managed services and training on open source technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. These services help enterprises equip and manage their complex architectures, as well as execute multi-phased programmes to drive business value.

In Japan, as in other markets globally, Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor data and information streams from consumer technologies are fueling growth and spiking demand for multi-genre analytics, new data infrastructures and business models. 

By providing an integrated big data framework - Think Big Velocity - Think Big meets customers' specific business needs by delivering a scalable, end-to-end portfolio of services that may include a combination of open source technologies and/or commercial software products.

Think Big and its team of experienced consultants has in-depth knowledge of the latest open source big data technologies such as Apache™ Hadoop®, Apache Spark, Presto, R, and NoSQL database (Apache Hbase, Apache Cassandra, etc.). 

"Think Big was designing modern analytic solutions and implementing open source systems based on emerging technologies and cloud long before the concept of big data became popular," commented Rick Farnell, President, Think Big. "We continue to invest in and leverage our assets and frameworks from the experience we've gained over the years in working with our clients world-wide.  Our launch in Japan goes a long way towards meeting our strategic goal of growing our business in new global markets.  We look forward to working with Japanese companies to help them achieve high-impact business outcomes through modern big data analytics," Farnell concluded.

Teradata will support Japanese customers' data utilization in order to enhance their business offering as well as differentiate them from their competitors.

Think Big Velocity's service portfolio comprises:

  • Architecture and Roadmap: designed by industry thought-leaders, a robust plan that ensures efficient delivery of the use cases, balancing it with short-term value and long-term vision, to ensure organisations you can reach their aspirational business objectives.
  • Analytics Solution Development: tailored infrastructures built by experienced data engineers by using the best-suited technologies to establish scalable foundation that accelerates speed to market. 
  • Analytics and Data Science: review of analytical capabilities, support with developing proofs of concept for big data use cases, implementing those and "data science as a service" by offering insights from pre-built data models
  • Data Lake: provides design, engineering, and delivery connected to business objectives, including optimization of existing infrastructure and data lake governance
  • Training and Mentoring: to ensure clients are well prepared for big data success. Courses include:
  1. Partner course offering (Hortonworks, Cloudera, Databricks, MapR)
  2. Academy topic courses (Cassandra, R, Spark, Nifi, Presto)
  3. Big data foundation training
  4. Customized boot camp
  • Managed Services: management and optimization of big data systems to improve performance and insights; plus training to increase organizational adoption of big data and analytics systems


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Public Relations

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