Dataguise is the leader in Secure Business Execution, delivering a data-centric security solution that precisely detects, audits, protects, and monitors sensitive data assets in real time wherever they live and move across all repositories on premises and in the cloud. We make data security painless, delivering a one-stop, out-of-the-box solution that provides the highest level of protection — no programming required. We’re proud to secure the data of some of the largest, industry-leading companies that are committed to being responsible data stewards. To learn more about how Dataguise is spearheading the secure data revolution, visit:



Benefits of Partnership

Dataguise, Inc. is an innovative data security company with an emphasis on granular data detection and masking. Dataguise’s DgSecure solution helps enterprises safely unlock the benefits of Teradata by detecting, protecting, and auditing sensitive data assets in real time. Our goal is to make data security seamless for our customers – saving them time, resources, and compliance costs.

Teradata organizes data and delivers insights on a massive scale. DgSecure ensures the delivery is also secure. There is typically a trade-off between data security/compliance and data distribution. DgSecure eliminates this dichotomy.

Our sophisticated data security solution easily deploys without any coding required. Dataguise DgSecure can be online and ready to find and secure your data in hours. Using our solution, customers can leverage the tremendous power of Teradata with complete confidence that it’s secure:

  • Detect: Locate and identify sensitive data, creating a complete picture of your sensitive data landscape. Understand the sensitive data’s connections.
  • Protect: Replace sensitive data elements with fictitious content using one of many available data replacement options or create a cipher that restricts access to select users.
  • Audit: Measure risk overhead with metrics and graphics that track data protection status and data access.


DgSecure is a sensitive data protection solution which helps you discover, protect and monitor the sensitive data across the organization on various platforms like Hadoop, RDBMSs, File systems and in-flight.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
6.0TD 15.10

Product Resources

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