Delivering World-Class Transformation, Strategy and Consulting Expertise
Capgemini and Teradata offer a compelling solutions driven approach to deliver high value enterprise business solutions that deliver significant ROI and maximize TCO while creating an environment to accelerate results, manage risk and operate with agility in today’s data driven business environment.



Cap Gemini

Benefits of Partnership

Today's business has more data than ever, and hidden in this data is the information that can set your business apart. When these new types of data are captured and exploited by the enterprise, they can bring about new insights to drive business success.

Teradata has joined forces with Capgemini, a global organization specializing in consulting, technology and outsourcing. Together, Teradata and Capgemini help organizations maximize their data assets and take a unified approach to their data management and digital customer needs. This enables companies to:

  • Achieve new business insight for developing and executing new business strategies
  • Execute, drive and measure the implementation of strategies across the enterprise, while achieving superior total cost of ownership
  • Align the IT organization and efforts to be dynamically responsive
  • Extensively mine customer data for creating knowledge to maximize business operations

The new narrative of business incorporates business with technology and data to define the right approach to exploit all the assets available in the marketplace. Capgemini's industry experience runs deep, marrying the knowledge of both our people-industry-specific thought leaders and specialized teams of seasoned professionals — with the wisdom of lessons learned. Organizations that use joint Teradata/Capgemini solutions experience significant ROI and market differentiation.

Joint Solutions & Thought Leadership

Capgemini’s Digital Customer Experience together with Teradata
Digital customer experience helps organizations understand and implement the right mix of business focused digital capabilities, deployed within the right framework for transformation - to fundamentally change how they do business and serve their customers. 

Capgemini and Teradata work hand in hand to deliver the technology and consulting expertise to accelerate benefit realization for Data-Driven Enterprises. Combining our joint expertise, we help organizations realize the benefits of integrated marketing management solutions, while delivering a digital architecture for content and collaboration management. Read More>