ActionIQ helps businesses turn customer data into extraordinary experiences. The ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub empowers everyone to be a CX champion by giving business teams the freedom to explore and action on customer data while enabling technical teams to manage data governance, costs, and performance.

Ready to modernize your CX stack?

The seamless integration of ActionIQ's HybridCompute technology with Teradata VantageCloud™ democratizes access to customer data across the enterprise with centralized governance. Combine the power of modern CX apps with the full capability of VantageCloud and gain a 360-degree view of your customers to create more meaningful engagements and deliver better experiences.

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Benefits of Partnership

  • Create better customer experiences – business teams can access current customer data at the touch of a button to enhance customer acquisition, increase loyalty and prevent customer churn.
  • Quick, scalable data access – data flows directly from your source system to endpoints, with centralized governance from IT.
  • Enterprise scale & security – composable CDP design with native query pushdown integration into scalable warehouse infrastructure.
  • Omni-Channel Orchestration – seamless and scalable integrations with owned and paid channels.